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The following page is a list of resources for students in film courses here at Salisbury University. If you know of any other links you think would be appropriate for this site, please email David Johnson at dtjohnson [at] salisbury [dot] edu.

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Course Resources

Film Terms - In order to learn anything about the cinema, it is crucial that you understand some of the basic language used by filmmakers, critics, and very often both. Any student enrolled in any film course at Salisbury University (whether you are in the film concentration or not) should familiarize themselves with these terms.

The Internet Movie Database - Are you wondering how to spell a director's name, or what year a film was released? Consult the Internet Movie Database for this information and more.

Film Studies for Free - Catherine Grant's now well known website collects links to multiple film-studies sources available online. You might search her website for material relevant to your work, and you might also consult her ongoing list of free e-books in film studies.

The Writing Center - Use this service to improve your writing, for film courses, other courses, and for your life beyond the university.

ScreenLex - This site has pronunciation guides for many names and terms that you might encounter in cinema studies.

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On-line and Print Film Journals and Magazines

Some of these links are on-line publications; some of them are the on-line versions of print publications; and some of them are a combination of both. Also, some publications are aimed at an academic audience, while others are not. Literature/Film Quarterly, an international academic journal devoted to the study of adaptation, is published here at Salisbury University.

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