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Alumni Testimony: Juliana Reagan


Graduate Juliana Reagan talks about her experiences with our film concentration.

 October 5, 2012




As an undergraduate student in the film concentration at Salisbury University I learned to analyze, interpret and appreciate films from different eras and cultures. The film courses were filled with inspiring films and challenging coursework, and led by professors who motivated and guided me throughout my undergraduate career. As a graduate student at East Carolina University earning my Masters in Multicultural and Transnational Literatures, discipline and dedication is required in order to keep up with the rigorous course load. Learning how to analyze a scene—the setting, the lighting, the cinematography, the characters—helped me analyze the literature I have been exposed to at the graduate level in a more in depth way than I would have without my film courses at Salisbury University. I see each chapter as a scene and look at each intricate piece just as I would when watching a film. This unique perspective gives me confidence in my classes and only fuels my love of film and literature.