Electronic Gallery


Past Exhibitions

Altered Landscapes: An Immersive Environment,” presents five unique panoramic cultural landscapes projected on four walls simultaneously. The exhibition, incorporating animation, video, and sound will be on view at Salisbury University’s Electronic Gallery from November 4-28.

The artists’ works in animation, video, and sound examine our relationships to nature, culture, environment, technology and identity:

Marina Zurkow’s “Heroes of the Revolution” uses multi-channel video animation to explore apocalyptic fantasies centering on climate change and its effect on water, ice, humans, and animals.

Jeff Thompson ‘s “Glistening Waves Fill my Mouth” is a video project which uses customized computer programs to assign human vocal sounds to movements of light in a natural landscape.

Multi-media artists Andrew Kaufman and Donna Stack are collaborating on their installation for "Altered Landscapes". Andrew Kaufman uses a variety of media to create experiential and engaging reflections of his personal observations within society. Donna Stack's work deals primarily with ideas of authenticity and duality.

Gerald Habarth uses painting and drawing on a large scale to create animations that overflow boundaries and incorporate fantastic imagery to describe and defy space and time.

Craig Coleman's installations blend photography, electronics, image projection, sound, and various human interactive devices. Using humor and irony, his work seeks the similar in the dissimilar, and tries to extract meaningful metaphors out of throw away items.