Electronic Gallery


Electronic Art in a Contemporary Gallery

Salisbury University Electronic Gallery Presents:

Stills from:

  • The Interview (aka Proust Questionnaire) (2009)
  • Our Political Work (2008)
  • Infinite Smile (2005)
  • Karaoke DeathMatch 100 (crescendo) (2007)

MTAA's "2 Live"

  • September 8–October 23, 2009 (Exhibition)
  • MTAA Participatory Performance
    Friday, September 25th, 1:30pm in the Gallery
  • MTAA Visiting Artists’ Talk & Reception Friday, September 25th, 5:00pm in TE153

Since 2005, the Brooklyn-based artist duo MTAA (Michael Sarff and Tim Whidden) have produced a series of dual video self-portraits. Salisbury University Electronic Gallery will show these pieces together for the first time. Additionally, a new piece, produced at Salisbury University, will be shown. In these often humorous performances of conflict and communication, MTAA use their images as avatars for the vast chatter of our current media society. Along with the exhibition of the dual portraits, MTAA will return to the Electronic Gallery in September for a live performance/lecture having something to do with vernacular robots.