Electronic Gallery


Electronic Art in a Contemporary Gallery


  • June 1 - August 15, 2010

This special summer show is an invitational single channel exhibition of artists working somewhat outside the standard genre of video, whose work is featured here at the Electronic Gallery, in video form. Contemporary artists are working in a variety of genres at the moment, ranging from intervention, site-specific, performative, installation, internet and game-based art projects. In an effort to represent these artists in a gallery format, this exhibition has been designed to showcase a variety of work.

"Video/Art/Video" features work from the following artists:

  • Pete Froslie
  • Jaimes Mayhew
  • Nikki Pike
  • Ann Stoddard
  • Third Faction
  • Britzel Vasquez

In the spirit of connecting artists to galleries, The Electronic Gallery is pleased to present this exhibition.

Thank you for visiting the Electronic Gallery at Salisbury University.

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