Electronic Gallery


Past Exhibitions

New Media Mixtape May 4-19, 2009

This year’s second annual “Mixtape” show will feature work from a large assortment of Salisbury University New Media Students. Chances are, if you took a New Media class this semester or last, some of your work will be featured in this overview.

The range of artwork in this exhibition includes, a custom-designed game for the Wii developed by New Media 3 students, Motion Graphics and “Compound Eye” projects by New Media 2 students, Animations, Live Web Feeds, “Sweded” films, Plundered Movie Soundtracks, as well as footage and documentation from Field Trips, Student Installations, and Visiting Artists.

If you are interested in New Media, or would like to know more about what New Media can offer you as a student, this is the perfect time to see what Salisbury University’s New Media program is all about.

We will host a special reception May 12 from 5 to 7pm. Stop by and have a look at the range of great projects SU students are creating!