Electronic Gallery


Past Exhibitions

Joseph DeLappe
Reenactment: The Salt Satyagraha Online

February 3 – March 13, 2009
TETC Electronic Gallery — Room 128, Wing A

Joseph DeLappe’s Reenactment: The Salt Satyagraha Online is an installation piece which connects the virtual world to the real world. Using Second Life online virtual reality, the artist has recreated Gandhi’s historic walk to Dandi. Delappe’s piece incorporates performance by means of real time experience as he “walks” through a virtual landscape by means of a physical treadmill. The performance is recreated in the gallery space for viewers to experience and contemplate. A physical sculptural component was created for this exhibition by Salisbury University sculpture students — a large scale model of the avatar’s head, which graces the entryway of the exhibition.