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Holloway Hall

Master of Education: Program of Study

M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Core Courses



EDUC 502 Introduction to Research
EDUC 504 Diversity in a Democracy
EDUC 545 Learning, Instruction & Assessment
EDUC 570 Current Issues in Educational Tech

Prior to admission to the M.Ed. program and registration for courses, it is the students' responsibility to become familiar with program requirements and to confer with assigned faculty advisors to develop programs of study. The program of study identifies core courses, courses in the specific track or program students will follow, recommended electives, and a capstone experience. Advisors must approve students' programs of study. Program changes must also be approved by advisors.

Course Requirements

Students seeking the M.Ed. at SU complete an approved program of study including at least 33 semester hours of graduate credit with a cumulative average of 3.0 of higher, with no grade lower than a C, and no more than six credit hours of C or C+ work in their program.

The M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction program consists of 12 credit hours of core courses, 15-18 hours of specific electives, and three to six hours in a capstone experience.

Accordingly, students consult with their advisors to determine appropriate electives for their area of study. When appropriate to the program of study, electives may be chosen from education courses, special topics courses or from graduate courses offered in programs outside of education.

The M.Ed. program culminates with a capstone experience selected from advanced seminars, internships, thesis research or practicum courses. Students plan an appropriate capstone experience in consultation with their advisor.

Students who elect the thesis research option enroll in EDUC 630: Directed Research and submit the completed project to the project director. Students must also satisfactorily complete an oral examination on the project, which is scheduled through the faculty advisor after completion of the project.

The M.Ed. Reading Specialist (REED) and the Master of Education in Education Leadership (EDLD) programs have an approved series of courses that lead to accreditation.  These courses are specified on the program of study for each degree.

Requirements for M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction and Post Secondary Education Track Candidates

  1. All candidates completing the M.Ed. complete the following core courses:

    Course Title Credits
    EDUC 502 Introduction to Research 3
    EDUC 504 Diversity in a Democracy 3
    EDUC 545 Learning, Instruction & Assessment 3
    EDUC 570 Current Issues in Educational Technology 3
    1. Students are required to complete EDUC 502: Introduction to Research within the first 12 hours of graduate study.

    2. In addition to completing the four core courses, M.Ed. students selecting area of study from the Post-Secondary Education track must complete two additional required courses.  Electives from a suggested list are selected in consultation with an advisor.