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Application Deadlines

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M.Ed. Information

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Applicants, including those applying for graduate assistantships, are encouraged to meet the application deadlines.  Meeting the admission deadlines allows ample time for the coordination of all University departments in the application process and for faculty to meet with applicants to plan a personalized program of study.

ue dates for all materials submitted to the Education Specialties Department by semester:

Summer I -  2017 April 1, 2017
Summer II - 2017 April 1, 201
Fall 2017 April 1, 2017
Spring 2018 October 1, 2017

Note: M.Ed. students do not begin in the Winter term.
Late applications will be processed, as they are submitted, although processing times will be affected by semester demands.  
Potential applicants who have missed the above deadline are also invited to apply for the following full semester. Students can take courses as a graduate non-degree seeking student. Only nine (9) transferred credit hours will apply toward your M.Ed. degree.  Please reference the particular program checklist to ensure your choice of graduate non-degree courses meets your particular program requirements.

How to Apply for Master of Education

Admission to the M.Ed. program is a two-step process. In addition to meeting the requirements for admission to the M.Ed. program at Salisbury University, applicants must submit program specific materials prior to review of the application.

Step 1: Complete application with Admissions

Complete the on-line application

Step 2: Complete M.Ed. program application materials

You will be contacted by the M.Ed. Program Office with information about M.Ed. program admission requirements. You will be asked to submit the following credentials for admission to the M.Ed. program:
  1. An on-line application for admission including a written description of your goals and reasons for pursuing graduate study in education.
  2. Three (online) recommendations supporting your ability to succeed in graduate study.
  3. A plan of study signed and approved by a faculty advisor.
  4. A transcript showing an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 and transcripts of graduate study, if any. (Transcripts are to be mailed to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.)

Applicants can now track the receipt of their transcripts, letters of recommendation, goals statement, and any additional requirements by viewing their "To Do List" located in the Student Services Center in GullNet.

Following the review of these materials, the program director formally notifies students of admission or denial to the M.Ed. program.

Although students may register for some courses after acceptance to the university for graduate study, they are expected to complete the process for full admission into the M.Ed. program, including the development of a program of study, prior to the completion of the first nine (9) credits in the program. Nine hours of credit earned at Salisbury University prior to full admission to the M.Ed. program may be applicable toward requirements for the degree, provided such credits are appropriate and approved for the degree program.

Questions regarding the applicability of courses taken as a non-degree graduate student will be resolved by the Masters in Education Graduate Program Director.

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