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    Using LiveText in SU Education Courses

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    LiveText FAQ/Troubleshooting

    Do I have to buy a subscription to LiveText?

    Yes, if you are an education major taking undergraduate or MAT education courses at SU. You only need to buy LiveText once for use throughout all of your SU education courses. Your subscription lasts one year past graduation. If you are taking an education course as a non-education major, or if you have another special circumstance that you believe should exclude you from using this required course material, please see the Education Department Chairperson to discuss the possibility of a waiver. (These are only granted in rare cases.)

    What do I do with the CD?

    The CD contains tutorial videos to help you learn to use LiveText. What you actually paid for is the subscription key code on the card inside the envelope with the CD. That key code is good for ONE student subscription which covers all years of college plus one year after graduation.

    I bought the subscription. Now what?

    Attend a student orientation session and/or use the tutorial videos on the CD to learn how to use LiveText. An initial instruction sheet should have been given to you when you bought the subscription at the bookstore. If you do not have that sheet, it is available as a Word document above.

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    What do I need in order to use LiveText?

    All you need is an account (your subscription) and an internet-connected computer. You can access your LiveText account from any computer with an internet connection.

    I forgot my password or username. What do I do?

    We asked students to set up their username as their first two initials and their full last name. For example, Sam E. Seagull's username would be seseagull. If you cannot remember your password and do not have it written down on the key code card, you can call or email LiveText. The email address is and the phone number is 1-866-548-3839.

    I am having trouble viewing a rubric. What do I do?

    If your computer is using a pop-up blocker, the rubric window may be blocked. Have your pop-up blocker software set to allow pop-up's on the LiveText web site or disable the pop-up blocker while you are using LiveText. If you are having trouble with the on-campus pop-up blocker, check the IT Helpdesk site for information about working with SU's pop-up blocking software.

    When I hit the enter key, my cursor moves down two lines. How do I make it move down just one line?

    Hold the Shift key and hit Enter at the same time. LiveText is writing HTML code in the background to create your web pages. Enter tells it to create a new paragraph (two lines down), while Shift + Enter tells it to create a line break (one line down).

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    Support Contacts

    If you continue to have trouble with your Livetext account, please wait for the update that runs at 7 a.m. the following day and try again.  If you continue to have problems, contact LiveText Technical Support.

    LiveText Technical Support
    1-866-548-3839 (Located in Chicago - Central Time Zone)

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