Education Specialties
Holloway Hall

K-12 Programs

Chair: Dr. Ron Siers
Program Coordinator: Dr. Randall Groth

Secondary & K-12 Student Handbook (Word file)

The Department of Education Specialties offers bachelor's degree programs leading to K-12 certification in a number of liberal arts and science disciplines.  In Maryland, secondary certification covers middle school and high school, specifically grades 7-12.

Persons already holding an undergraduate degree who wish to teach in their subject area at the K-12 level, should apply to the MAT Program.

At the undergraduate level, students at SU may achieve K-12  teacher certification in the areas below.   Students interested in teaching should consult the department chair about current teacher-shortage areas.

Please follow the links below to the checklist for each K-12 program:

Students wishing to pursue K-12 certification must do the following: