Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Contemporary Curriculum Theory and Instruction: Literacy

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Dr. Judith K. Franzak
Ed.D. Program Director

Dr. Ron Siers
Education Specialties Chair

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Why Choose SU‛s Ed.D.?

Advanced professional study in collaborative environment

Develop capacity in identifying and resolving complex problems of practice

Prepares leaders who can work with key stakeholders in diverse communities and school partnerships

Opportunities for field-based analysis and application

Documents, products and processes that lead to organizational improvement

Ed.D. Program Director

  • Judith K. Franzak, Ph.D.
    University of New Mexico

Education Specialties Chair

  • Ron Siers, Ph.D.
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Teacher Education Chair

  • Ernest Bond, Ph.D.
    Ohio State University


  • Laurie Andes, Ed.D.
    University of Maryland College Park
  • Nancy L. Michelson, Ph.D.
    State University of New York at Albany
  • Patricia O. Richards, Ed.D.
    Lehigh University

Associate Professors

  • Douglas M. DeWitt, Ph.D.
    Claremont Graduate University
  • Stacie L. Tate, Ph.D.
    Michigan State University
  • Joyce Wiencek, Ph.D.
    University of Maryland College Park

Assistant Professors

  • Maida A. Finch, Ph.D.
    Vanderbilt University
  • Kimberly McCormick, Ph.D.
    Indiana University
  • Brandy J. Terrill, Ed.D.
    University of Delaware

Professor of Practice

  • Jon M. Andes, Ed.D.
    University of Maryland College Park

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