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Education Specialties

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Contemporary Curriculum Theory and Instruction: Literacy

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Contact Information

Dr. Judith K. Franzak
Ed.D. Program Director

Dr. Ron Siers
Education Specialties Chair

For additional information on the Ed.D. program and the admissions process:

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Sample Program Courses

  • EDCI 740 — Oral Discourse, Cognition and Diversity (3 credits) develops knowledge of the way diverse oral discourse patterns and cognitive structures improve students' literacy and learning.
    Learning Experiences/Assignments:
    - Annotated bibliography in your focus area
    - Online Learning Exchanges
    - Discourse Analysis Exercises
    - Discourse Analysis Research Project
  • EDCI 742 — Writing: Theory, Research and Practice (3 credits) explores critical assumptions about writing and writing pedagogy from multiple perspectives.
    Learning Experiences/Assignments:
    - Article Critiques
    - Independent Project
    - Three Part Final Paper
  • EDCI 722 — Perspectives in Theory: Lenses for Critical Understanding of Education (3 credits) examines teaching as situated within particular social contexts and affected by cultural structures. 
    Learning Experiences/Assignments:
    - Critique Paper
    - Think-aloud Protocol Analysis ("live" accounts of a person's thoughts)
    - Book Clubs
    - Weekly Scenarios
  • EDCI 728 — Understanding Instruction and Assessment to Improve Learning (every other week: online) explores foundational psychological concepts through current research on teaching practices and examines neuroscience and educational practices.
    Learning Experiences/Assignments:
    - Online Discussions
    - Advocacy Literacy Portraiture Project
    - Self Evaluations and Reflections

  • EDCI 744 — Comprehension and Strategic Learning:  Theory, Research and Practice (every other week: online) examines research on comprehension and its instruction at all levels of development.
    Learning Experiences/Assignments:
    - Online Discussions
    - Literacy Autobiography Paper
    - Critique Paper
    - Instructional Session
    - Workshop Presentation

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