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Secondary & K-12 Student Handbook (word file)

The Department of Education Specialties offers bachelor's degree programs leading to secondary & K-12 certification in a number of liberal arts and science disciplines.  In Maryland, secondary certification covers middle school and high school, specifically grades 7-12.

Persons already holding an undergraduate degree who wish to teach in their subject area at the K-12 or secondary level, should apply to the MAT Program.

At the undergraduate level, students at SU may achieve teacher certification in the areas below.   Students interested in teaching should consult the department chair about current teacher-shortage areas.

Please follow the links below to the checklist for each program:

A student pursuing secondary certification must be admitted to the University and declare amajor in the content area above with a track in education.  Secondary & K-12 education is not, in itself, a major.  Once declared, a student is assigned two faculty advisors:  one advisor from the major department and one advisor from the Department of Education Specialties.

Students pursuing secondary or K-12 certification may not complete coursework on a "credit count" basis.  Education coursework may be completed only within a declared degree program.

Students wishing to pursue secondary/K-12 certification must do the following:

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