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Stock, Timothy

Faculty, Philosophy
Philosophy House (PL) 106
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2015 Spring

    Invites students to philosophize, asking and creatively responding to basic questions about human existence which are usually left unasked, e.g., are we free, what is the self, what value should we live for? Three hours per week with enhancement. Meets General Education IIIA or IIIC (Prior to Fall 2008: IB).
    Careful study of selected important texts in the history of philosophy with the purpose of developing reading and writing skills. Intended to prepare new majors for upper-level courses, required for philosophy majors and recommended for minors. Prerequisite: Students must have declared a major or minor in Philosophy. Three hours per week with enhancement.
    Examines a variety of philosophical theories which propose a portrait of reality as a whole and are evaluated in terms of their ability to respond to ultimate questions we raise about being, matter and the absolute. Considers whether it is possible for us to achieve a comprehensive knowledge of reality. Cannot receive credit for both PHIL 306 and 408. Prerequisite: Two philosophy courses or consent of instructor. Three hours per week with enhancement.
    Tutorial course in a specific problem of philosophy, a particular philosopher or a particular period of philosophy. Open to junior and senior students, conditional on faculty member’s consent. May be repeated for credit with faculty approval. Up to three hours per week with enhancement.

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Stock, T. (2009). Amphibology is a funny thing to say. Presented at the annual meeting of the North American Levinas Society. Presented at North American Levinas Society, Jackman Center for the Humanities, University of Toronto.

Book Chapters

Stock, T. (2013). Love's Hidden Laugh: On jest, earnestness and Socratic "indirection" in Kierkegaard's "Praising Love". Schulz, Helko, Jon Stewart, and Karl Verstrynge   (Eds.), Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook (307-324.) Berlin, Germany:  DeGruyter.
Stock, T. (2009). The waters of metaphysics. J. Knechtel (Eds.), Alphabet city: Water. Boston, MA: MIT Press.

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