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Operator: 410-543-6000

Payne, Sharon

Head of Circulation, Library
Blackwell Library (BL) 115
410-546-2642 or ext 62642

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Chakraborty, M., English, M.C. & Payne, S. 

Restructuring to Promote Collaboration & Exceed User Needs: The Blackwell Library Access Services Experience.
Journal of Access Services, 10(2), 90-101.


Chakraborty, M. & Payne, S. (2013). Give a Pickle, Get a Smile! Sweet Isn't It? Presented at Western Maryland Libraries, Boonesboro, MD.
Chakraborty, M. & Payne, S. L. (2011). Give a Pickle, Get a Smile! Sweet, Isn't it? Presented at Maryland Statewide Circulation Conference, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD.
Chakraborty, M. & Payne, S. (2009). Human touch the only stability in the ever-changing 'iWorld': Cherishing customer service. Presented at Access Services Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Poster Presentations

Payne, S., English, M., Jones, A., Woodall, C., Ruddy, S. & Chakraborty, M. (2013). Customer Service in Access Services: An Evolution. Presented at MLA/DLA Conference Maryland Library & Delaware Library Associations, Ocean City, MD.

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