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Munday, Nicole

Director, English
Guerrieri University Center (GC) 206
410-543-6332 or ext 36332
Faculty, English
Guerrieri University Center (GC) 206
410-677-3154 or ext 73154

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2015 Spring

    Introduces students to peer tutoring as a mode of collaborative learning. Focuses on preparing students to lead writing center consultations. Prerequisite: C or better in ENGL 103, permission of instructor. Three hours per week with enhancement.

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Garrison, K. & Munday, N. K. 
Toward authentic dialogue: Origins of the fishbowl method & implications for writing center work. 
Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, 


Munday, N.K. (2014). Total economic valuation: A conceptual framework for writing center administrators (via Skype). Presented at the Madison Area Writing Center Colloquium, Madison, WI.
Munday, N. K. (2012). Charting Institutional Tides with Panoramic Vision: Total Economic Valuation & Writing Center Assessment. Presented at International Writing Centers Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.
Munday, N.M., Garrison, K., & Eodice, M. (2010). Re-envisioning Academic Culture: Toward a Culture of Writing or a Culture of Writers? Presented at International Writing Centers--College Compositions & Communications Collaborative, Louisville, KY.
Munday, N.M. (2008). Creating a Technology-Rich Writing Center Environment. Presented at International Writing Centers Association, Las Vegas, NV.
Munday, N.M. (2006). Peer Response in a Freshman Residence Hall: Collecting Data with the Help of Student Recorders. Presented at College Composition & Communication, Chicago, IL.

Book Chapters

Munday, N. K. (2011). Writing Centers & Living Learning Communities. R. Koch, Jr., W. Macauley, Jr., & N. Mauriello (Eds.), Before & After the Tutorial: Writing Centers & Institutional Relationships. (103-118.) Hampton Press.
Munday, N. M. (2005). (Non) Meeting of the Minds: A Study in Frustration. Rafoth, B. (Eds.), A Tutor's Guide: Helping Writers One to One. (17-22.) Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook.

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