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Operator: 410-543-6000

Moazzam, Mohammad

Faculty, Math and Computer Science
Henson Science Hall (HS) 120
410-543-6473 or ext 36473

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2014 Summer I

  • MATH 201-001 CALCULUS I
    Introduction to analytic geometry, limits, continuity, derivatives of elementary functions, applications of the derivatives. May not receive credit for both MATH 198 and MATH 201. Prerequisite: MATH140 or equivalent. Four hours per week. Meets General Education IVB or IVC (Prior to Fall 2008: IIIB or IIIC).

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Moazzam, M. (2009). Mathematician or Physician. Presented at the Joint AMS/MAA National Meetings. Presented at Joint American Mathematical Association/Mathematical Association of America AMS/MAA, Washington D.C..

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