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Ortega, Leticia

Faculty, Teacher Education
Teacher Education & Technology Center (TE) 278P
410-548-4501 or ext 84501

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Ortega, L. 
Digital practices and literacy identities: Preservice teachers negotiating contradictory discourses of innovation. 
Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education, 


Andes, L. & Ortega, L. (2012). Writing Process Mini-lessons: Improving Informational & Narrative Writing. Presented at State of MD International Reading Association, Baltimore, MD.
Ortega, L.E. (2011). Building collaborative teacher-parent relationships. Presented at 40th Annual Convention for Bilingual Education

Book Chapters

Shannon, P., Edmondson, J., Ortega, L., Pitcher, S. & Robbins, C. (2009). Fifty years of federal government in reading education. Y. Goodman & J. Hoffman (Eds.), Changing literacies for changing times New York: Routledge.

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