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Tabor, Jerry

Faculty, Music
Teacher Education & Technology Center (TE) 304
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2014 Spring

    Required of music majors in senior year of the BA in music (traditional and music technology) tracks but it is open to all music majors. Designed to be a research paper, recital or composition. This project is of the student's choice in consultation with a faculty mentor. Students will meet weekly with their faculty mentor. Sign up in music office one term in advance. Prerequisite: Senior standing, completion of music core, permission of chair. Three hours per week with enhancement.

2014 Fall

    Study and performance of a variety of jazz styles, including swing, bebop, cool, hard bop, contemporary, blues, fusion and Latin in big band and small and large combo contexts. Study and application of improvisation skills as an integral part of the ensemble experience. Open to all students and community players. Fulfills large ensemble requirement for music major and minor. Performance background, sight-reading skills preferred. Prerequisite: Placement audition required. Contact instructor immediately after registration. Three hours per week.
  • MUSC 203-501 THEORY I
    Intermediate music fundamentals including rhythm, basic melodic and harmonic relationships, voice leading, harmonic functions and basic composition. Prior knowledge of music notation, key signatures, scales, and triads recommended. Prerequisite: MUSC 201 and permission of instructor for non-music majors. Three hours per week.
  • MUSC 303-001 THEORY III
    Study of chromatic harmonies and their voice leading tendencies and modulation with added emphasis on analysis, composition and musical interpretation. Prerequisite: MUSC 204 or permission of instructor. Three hours per week.
    Analysis and discussion of a particular past or contemporary musical style, compositional or analytical techniques, composer or aspect of music. May be used as an upper-level music theory requirement for the music major. May be repeated three times for degree credit under different course titles. Prerequisite: MUSC 201 or approval of instructor. Three hours per week with enhancement.

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Edited Books

Tabor, J., Editor (1999). Otto Laske: Navigating New Musical Horizons. Contributions to the study of music and dance [series], no. 53. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Creative Works

Licata, T. and others (2006). Lemon, birch: 2002 / Jerry Tabor. In Electroacoustic music. VII [sound recording/CD]. Neuma Records., Cambridge, MA.
Cox, F. (2002). veneer/semblance, extremities, verities / Jerry Tabor. In New music series. Volume 4 [sound recording]. Neuma., Acton, MA.
Kientzy, D. (1999). Engaging Causey / Jerry Tabor. In Electro Acoustic Music. VI [sound recording]. Neuma Records., Acton, MA.

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