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Pandey, Anjali

Faculty/PACE Project Director, English
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2014 Fall

    A study in selected topics in language and linguistics. The course focuses in different semesters on such topics as the new English, descriptive or historical linguistics, morphology-syntax, or phonetics and phonemics, teaching standard English to speakers of other languages or to speakers of other dialects. May be repeated under different course subtitles recorded with the Registrar. Three hours per week.

2015 Winter

    An introductory study of nature of language from both a theoretical and applied perspective. The focus is on the study of sounds and articulation (phonetics), sound systems (phonology), word structure and formation (morphology), phrase and sentence structure (syntax), aspects of meaning (semantics) and will also concentrate on applied aspects of linguistic study such as neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, and first and second language acquisition. To provide students with a fundamental understanding of core areas of linguistics and to equip students with the analytical techniques and methods required to solve questions about language. This course is for graduate credit only. Three hours per week.

2015 Spring

    Study of what it means to be a bilingual child or adult. Explores the mind’s role in bilingualism and in language acquisition. Surveys educational systems’ response to language variance among students and explores the social, academic and language learning consequences of growing up bilingual in the U.S.A. Prerequisite: C or better in ENGL 103. Three hours per week with enhancement.
    Familiarizes students with various aspects of bilingual education and language contact from a social-psychological perspective. Explores the role of the mind in bilingualism and in language acquisition. Content addresses the societal, political and cultural implications of bilinguality and the cognitive and educational implications. Aims to provide analysis and evaluation of current theory and research on bilingualism, as well as for examination of pertinent pedagogical implications/applications. This course is for graduate credit only. Three hours per week.

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Anjali Pandey (2001). Henry C. Welcome Fellowship - Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).

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