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 Special Programs
FOOD CommitteeFOOD Committee
This group is composed of students, faculty and UDS personnel for the purpose of evaluating menus, testing new items and providing input on all areas of Dining Services. 

The committee meets every Wednesday evening during the semester at 5 p.m. in the Caroline Room in the Commons.

If you have a suggestion, gripe or compliment, we want to know about it! For more information on joining, please call Dining Services at 410-543-6105 or e-mail us at:

Benefits include:

  • Free meal the night of the meeting--you don't have to swipe your card at the cashier's station.

  • UDS gift certificates are given out frequently to all members.

  • Give-a-ways at meetings.

  • An appreciation dinner (sit-down catered meal) is given for all members at the end of the semester.

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To Go & Sick Meals
To Go Meals/Box Meals
An alternative service is provided to those unable to partake of the regular dining facilities due to conflicting class schedules and recognized University athletics schedules. Call 410-543-6105 for additional information or print out and submit the form to reserve your meal.
(You will need Acrobat Reader to read/print this files).

Sick Meals
If you are unable to make it to the Commons due to illness or injury, you may arrange to receive a boxed meal from Dining Services through Student Health Services. Ill students should contact Student Health Services (410-543-6262) to receive a therapeutic diet recommendation. Student Health Services will then provide Dining Services with the information needed to prepare an appropriate meal. If Student Health Services is closed, specifically on weekends, your R.A. can call Dining Services at 410-548-5598 to arrange for a meal to be provided to you.

The sick student or a roommate/friend may pick up the sick meal at the cashier's station in the Commons. Please make sure you or your friend bring your Gull Card (ID) when picking up the meal.

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Etiquette Dinners
Have you ever wondered which fork you are supposed to use first? What should you do with your napkin if you get called away from the table? Or which knife you should use? Kelli Delgado, Catering Manager, holds two etiquette dinners each semester to teach the art of fine dining. These classes are free to seniors who have a meal plan. For dates and more information, please call 410-543-6105.

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Cafe Express
Want to know what's featured for breakfast, lunch or dinner? The monthly UDS Cafe Express lists daily menus, special events and interesting food facts. Look for each issue the first week of the month at all UDS locations.

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UDS features Festival of Foods events each week throughout the semester in the Commons. These events are offered in addition to normal fare and include distinctive foods, fun and entertainment.
Click here for this month's events!

Meal plan holders may attend Festival of Foods events for free, while guests may attend for the special event cash door price.

To see pictures from our events, check out the Photo Gallery

Mariachi Band & Dancers

Mariachi musicians and dancers perform during our Latin American Dinner. 

Eating Lobster

Enjoy a lobster feast every Fall at our Lobster Fest! 

UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICES    Let's Eat!    410-543-6105

Comments & questions about this page can be directed to the Office of Dining Services.

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