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RCO/Fraternity & Sorority Life General Info



What it means to be recognized:

Recognized Clubs (RCs) and Recognized Organizations (ROs) are registered through the Student Government Association (SGA) to provide current students with a shared mission to gather in unison.  Groups of students not registered by SGA may not affiliate themselves with Salisbury University, the Office of Student Activities or other official university organizations.

General Policies for Recognized Clubs and Organizations

Creating a RC/RO (RCO) [+]
  1. A group must submit a valid constitution that will be reviewed at two (2) consecutive SGA Forum meetings (i.e. First and Second Readings), voted upon, and approved by the voting members of the assembly. A simple majority of the members with voting rights present shall be required for such passage.  This constitution will remain on file, and organizations are expected to review it every five years.
  2. Voting members of the Forum, cast a vote mindful of the rights to freedom of speech and the following administrative criteria:
    • The club has ten (10) or more members.
    • The club has an advisor
    • The club meets regularly
    • The club is open to all students of Salisbury University
    • The club does not duplicate another currently recognized club
    • The club benefits the students of Salisbury University in a reasonable and legal fashion
  3. Upon a vote of acceptance the club then needs to schedule a meeting with the Appropriations board to receive their financial account packet.

What to do if your Organization Receives a Vote of Denial [+]

Upon a Vote of Denial of RCO standing or a Presidential Veto overturned by the Senate, a club seeking recognition may re-apply after two (2) SGA Forums starting with a First Reading.

Upon a second Denial Vote of RCO standing or a second Presidential Veto overturned by the Senate, a club seeking recognition should re-apply after the new Student Government takes office in the fall semester

Remaining a Recognized RCO [+]

In order to retain recognition, each RCO must review its constitution and update it if necessary at least every five (5) years and do the following each semester.

  • Actively participate with 10% of their membership, no less than four (4) members, in two (2) SGA recognized events. -OR-
  • Actively participate with 10% of their membership, no less than four (4) members, in one (1) SGA recognized event and in one (1) service learning project of the club’s choice that has been pre-approved by the Executive Vice-President, with proper supporting documentation of the event that is deemed appropriate by the Executive Vice-President.
  • Attend three (3) SGA forums for the semester with at least one (1) representative present from the organization.
  • Must submit paperwork at the beginning of each semester. Paperwork will include contact information, an active members list and an Appropriations Board waiver.

Failure to complete the above listed requirements will result in the RCO becoming de-recognized and funds frozen. If an RCO is de-recognized they must reapply for recognition per number one. As a result of completing the aforementioned requirements, RSOs will be able to do the following.

  • Reserve rooms through Facilities Reservations
  • Put up approved flyers on SGA monitored kiosks and bulletin boards
  • Apply for office space in the Scarborough Leadership Center
  • Apply for funding from the Appropriations Board (with the exception of Greek Life)
  • Apply for bulletin board space in the window of the Student Activities office
De-recognition of an Existing RCO [+]

The Executive Board of the SGA retains the right to de-recognize a RSO for the following reasons.

  • Club membership drops below ten members.
  • Disregarding policies and procedures as outlined by the Student Government Association, Office of Student Activities, Office of Campus Recreation, and/or the Office of Student Affairs.

The SGA retains the right to review a RCOs recognition status and re-vote on the organization for the following reasons.

  • Abuse of power.
  • Abuse of facilities.
  • Failure to actively hold meetings or events for one semester.
  • Failure to uphold their constitution.
  • Failure to act in the best interests of the University.
Process for Re-activating an Existing RCO [+]

Should your club become de-recognized you will need to follow the following steps in order to become recognized again.

  • Schedule a meeting with the Executive Vice President of SGA
    • In this meeting you will go over the process of staying recognized.
  • Next you need to attend two consecutive readings in SGA forum
    • In these forums you will have your first and second readings.
  • After the readings, the members in attendance with voting rights will vote to either recognize or de-recognize your club.
Greek Life Expansion Policy [+]
  • Greek letter fraternities and sororities, defined as single sex social Greek letter organizations, may establish chapters at Salisbury University only through formal invitation extended by the University. Invitation is contingent upon the petitioners meeting the criteria outlined in the Salisbury University Greek Expansion Policy. For more information, visit: (See Appendix I for Salisbury University Fraternity and Sorority Recognition Policy)
Graduate Students Requesting Participation in an RCO [+]
  • Graduate students may participate in Salisbury University RCOs as long as the organization’s constitution and/or by-laws do not prevent graduate student membership. For further information, please contact the Graduate Student Council at:, or visit their website at:
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