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Money Matters

RSO/Fraternity & Sorority Life Money Matters


What you need to Know:

RSOs will routinely submit requests to the Appropriations Board for money to fund an on-campus event, out-of-state travel, in-state travel, and/or conferences/lodging. There are certain rules and regulations we must follow in regards to appropriating funds.  The Appropriations Board plays a crucial role in your organization.  Learning their policies and procedures will assist your club in obtaining your club's goals.

Appropriations Board Policies & Procedures

The Appropriations Board [+]

The Appropriations Board is one of the “Big 6” groups at Salisbury University.  The Board is charged with oversight responsibility for activity fee money paid by Salisbury University students.  Additionally, the Appropriations Board serves as a guarantor for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) accounts, as well as resource for organizations seeking funding support of programs and/or events that contribute to student development and the spirit of community at Salisbury University.


Goals of the Appropriations Board:

  • Assist in managing accounts for all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)
  • Manage deposits submitted by RSOs and to conduct routine audits to ensure accurate RSO account balances
  • Provide supplement funding to RSOs for events that contribute to the growth and development of Salisbury University students and community
  • Provide oversight and management for Salisbury University Student Activity fees

You may also e-mail the Appropriations board at

Requesting Funds from the Appropriations Board [+]
  • If an RSO would like to be funded for an event by Appropriations, they need to fill out a Request for Funding form at least two business weeks prior to their event.  An RSO needs to have at least 10% of the amount that they are requesting in their own account.
  • When you turn your request in, please sign up for a time slot during our weekly meetings. 
    • The time slot sheet is located at our door (125 N) in the Office of Student Activities.  A member from the RSO must attend our meeting to receive funding.
  • After the meeting, a board member will e-mail the RSO with our decision and remind them that their next step is to come into the Student Activities office to continue planning their event. 
  • RSOs approved for funding from Appropriations will have expenses related to the funded event debited from their accounts first, and then Appropriations will reimburse club accounts based on submitted receipts. 
  • DO NOT FORGET:  Your club will need to turn in ALL receipts in order to receive funding reimbursements from the Appropriations Board. 
Restrictions on Funding [+]
  • The level of funding Appropriations provides an RSO is based on whether the RSO is charging a fee for their event.
  • It is okay for the RSO to accept and/or request money from members to help offset costs related to particular events
    • i.e., If an organization is going out of state and needs their members to pay a portion of their own expenses, that is allowed and encouraged in order to keep the RSO from depleting their funds
    • Such events may include, but are not limited to: Conferences, Traveling, T-Shirts
    • Appropriations will NOT fund T-Shirts or Flyers requested for an RSO
    • ALL T-shirts or Flyer requests/designs MUST go through the Publications Office
Requesting Funds from RSO Account (Shopping) [+]
  • Fill out a Request for Funding Form and mark the box “RSO account”
  • One of the Appropriations Board members will check to see if your RSO has enough funding in your account and approve or disapprove the request accordingly.
  • Fill out a Shopping Packet and look over its procedures.
    • This can be found in the Office of Student Activities)
    • Make sure you have a DETAILED list of everything you need
      • If you do not have what you need on the list, you may NOT purchase it
    • When shopping locally, there are only certain places you can shop when using the RSO account.  These places are:
      • Kmart
      • Giant
      • Rental Equipment Center
      • Parties Etc.
      • Etch-Art Awards
      • Educational Supplies
      • Hancock Fabrics
      • Ace Hardware
      • Papa Johns
      • Pat’s Pizza
      • Sam’s Club (Sam’s Club will need 2 weeks’ notice)
    • You will need to go shopping with a Graduate Assistant, and they only go shopping on Friday’s
    • The forms MUST be turned in the Monday prior to the shopping date
    • See RSO Shopping Packet's Procedures
Requesting Funds from RSO Account (Online Shopping) [+]
  • Fill out a Request for Funding Form and mark the box “RSO account”
  • One of the Appropriations Board members will check to see if your RSO has enough funding in your account and approve or disapprove the request accordingly.
  • When purchasing items online, the Administrative Assistant of the Office of Student Activities will need to fill out a Requisition.  Requisitions are used for items such as:
    • AJ Stationers (General office supplies)
    • Membership Dues, Licensing, Subscriptions
    • Hotel reservations for venders and performers
    • Purchase of tickets from amusement parks, ski trips, museums, events, etc.
    • Travel related needs
      • Conference fees, hotel reservations, air fare, train fare, car/bus travel
      • Ordering of non-customized promotional items and prizes
      • Custom items (without SU branding)
        • Dance costumes, Homecoming items, sports equipment, etc.
      • Ordering of movies for SOAP
      • Large coach buses
    • You MUST provide the Administrative Assistant with the following information in order to purchase online:
      • The date prepared
      • The date needed
      • The department number and name
      • Vendor information
        • Including full address, website, phone number AND Tax ID
      • Item quantity and description
      • A print screen or a link of the exact item you would like to purchase
        • You can NOT purchase through Amazon unless it is being purchased directly from Amazon and not an affiliated vendor
Requesting Account Balance [+]
  • Fill out an Account Balance Request Form and stop by the Appropriations office during their office hours to receive the account balance directly. Forms can be found in the Student Activities office.
  • E-mail the Appropriations Board requesting your balance and they will e-mail you the account balance
Making a Deposit to your RSO Account [+]
  • To make a deposit into your RSO account, bring the money you wish to deposit to the Appropriations office during their office hours. 
    • You will need to know and document how the money was raised (i.e., bake sale, selling t-shirts, etc.)
    • The Appropriations Board will count the money and then provide a receipt for your records
  • The Appropriations Board will take the deposit to the Cashier’s Office
  • If you would like an official receipt from the Cashier’s Office, you simply need to request one and the Appropriations board will place a copy in your folder for your RSO to pick up after the official deposit has been made.
Donate to an Organization [+]
  • To donate to an organization, you will need to submit a Request for Funding Form to the OSAOL and then complete a Donation Request Form.
  • Once paperwork is completed, it will take THREE WEEKS to process your check and confirm your donation. 
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