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Event Technical Services


What you need to Know:

The Event Technical Services Office at Salisbury University is responsible for providing any audio-visual, live sound and lighting needs for events located on campus that are outside of the classroom or at designated off-campus areas. Event Technical Services supports events for Registered Student Organizations, official University offices and departments, and requests by off-campus groups through Conference Services.  Their services are provided in the following venues:

  • Guerrieri University Center
  • Holloway Hall
  • The Commons
  • Maggs Physical Activities Center
  • Outdoors and various off-campus venues.

Whether you are looking for technical services for an important conference, small meeting, live performance, presentation or just a special occasion, Event Technical Services ensures that all your needs will be met in a timely fashion and with great customer service. 

General Policies for Event Technical Services

Step-by-Step Process [+]

To acquire their services, please follow the easy step-by-step process below:

  1. Please secure space through the Facilities Reservations Office at .
  2. Include an outline of your technical needs through your facility reservation no later than two weeks before the scheduled program or event.
    1. Come prepared to your Tuesday meeting with this information as well.
  3. If you are contracting a performing group, a technical rider must be provided to and approved by the Event Technical Services coordinator, Matt Hill, no later than eight weeks before the scheduled performance.
  4. All University and event policies must be followed, i.e. an advisor must be in attendance during SU student events; University Police must be contacted and appropriate officer coverage provided, etc. (Please refer to Event Planning page).
FAQ's about Event Technical Services [+]

Q: What services does Event Technical Services provide?

A: Audio-visual, live sound and lighting. Although Event Technical Services does not provide tables, chairs, stages, etc. for events, we can direct you to Support Services who will help in those areas. Event Technical Services also does not service computers or provide any services that have to do with technology in the classroom. For those services, please contact Information Technology (IT) or Classroom Technology. All of our services are for events outside of the classroom.

Q: Do we reserve or rent rooms?

A: Event Technical Services is not responsible for reserving or renting rooms. Once again, we provide audio-visual, live sound, and lighting services and equipment. To inquire about reserving or renting rooms please contact Conference Planning.

Q: Where is the Event Technical Services office located?

A: Bateman Street Building (B1) Room 115. When you enter building B1 (white building), our office is the third door on the left with the big glass windows. Our building is off campus and directly across the Wayne Street Parking Garage. Our building is between the Wicomico Board of Elections building and the back of Pat’s Pizzeria. Campus Map

Q: What buildings on campus do we serve?

A: Guerrieri University Center, Holloway Hall, the Commons, Maggs Physical Activities Center, and various outdoor and off-campus locations. For functions inside the classroom, please see Classroom Technology.

Q: How far in advance should you contact us to acquire our services?

A: We need at least two weeks of notice. If you are contracting a performing group, a Technical Rider must be provided and approved by Event Technical Services Coordinator Matt Hill at least eight weeks in advance. This will only be done after every step has already been completed at the bottom of our homepage.

Q: Where can I get ticketing information?

A: Event Technical Services does not deal with ticketing information, but Cultural Affairs, the Box Office or the Information Desk will be glad to assist you.

Scheduling Guidelines for Rehearsals in Holloway Hall Auditorium [+]
  • Student organizations may schedule no more than 2 rehearsals in the Auditorium prior to the night of their performance. Only 1 of those rehearsals will be supported by Event Technical services to practice lighting and music queues.
  • Rehearsals may not exceed 4 hours. Rehearsals must end no later than 10:30pm.
  • A student organization may not enter the Auditorium earlier than 2 hours before their performance is scheduled to begin.
  • If an organization chooses to hold a rehearsal on the day of the performance, it will count as 1 of the 2 rehearsals, and they may enter the Auditorium no earlier than 5 hours before their performance is scheduled to begin.
  • A student organization’s advisor must be present at all times whenever a group is using Holloway Hall Auditorium. This includes all rehearsals and performances.
  • If a student organization is scheduling a 2 day production, the number and duration of rehearsals is at the discretion of Event Technical Services Coordinator.
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