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Bake Sales and Raffles


What you need to Know:

Organizations hoping to hold a bake sale as a fundraiser must comply with all County and Sate regulations to do so. Bake sales fall under the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.15.03.

If you are planning to hold a raffle, or an event that hosts a pay to play system, you will need to fill out the necessary paperwork to acquire a gaming license. See below:

Policies & Permits

Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.15.03 [+]
  • Under the Code of Maryland Regulations, a "bake sale" is defined as:
    • A place where only non-potentially hazardous bakery goods, including breads and pastries, are sold in conjunction with a fundraising event.
    • "Bake Sale" does not include a place:
      • Where a person sells baked goods for individual profit;
      • From which food is commercially distributed; or
      • Where a potentially hazardous baked good is sold or distributed.
  • More information can be found out through the Wicomico County website at

Acceptable Baked Goods [+]

Baked goods are breads, cakes, and pastries etc., that are cooked with dry heat. The only homemade baked goods that may be provided to the public with or without charge are those that are non-potentially hazardous.

Many baked goods are non-potentially hazardous chiefly because of low water activity. Fruit pies made from highly acidic fruits such as apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, etc., are acceptable. Potentially hazardous baked goods such as pumpkin, sweet potato pies, cheesecakes, and pastries with potentially hazardous fillings or toppings are not acceptable.

Foods shall not be prepared in homes where there are house pets, reptiles, birds, etc. All foods shall be prepared, portioned, and individually packaged in a sanitary environment at the food preparation site prior to transporting to the sale location. Food preparers shall not have open wounds or sores on hands or forearms and must be in generally good health.

Bake Sale Permit [+]

Permit to display at your event.

How to acquire a Gaming License [+]
  • The first step in obtaining a Gaming License for your event is to fill out a Gaming License Information sheet. The information you provide on this sheet is used by the CSIL to to write a letter that you will take, along with a completed application to the Wicomico County Sheriff's department. Bear in mind, your letter may take up to a week to complete, so this calls for additional planning time on your organization's behalf.
  • After you drop off your application and letter off to the Sheriff's office, it can take several days--sometimes as long as two weeks--to process your permit. Once the sheriff's office is finished however, they will contact you and alert you to pick it up.
    • Because processing these forms can take a great deal of time, it is very important that you plan far in advance for events where you anticipate you will need a gaming license.

If you or your group is planning a Bake Sale or a raffle, please be sure to follow the Event Planning steps located under the Event Planning link on the RSO forms webpage.

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