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Course Evaluations
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are the evaluations available to take in GullNet?

Evaluations will be available the last two weeks before the final exams for spring and fall semesters. For winter and summer semesters, they will be available 5 days before the last day of classes.

  2. What departments are using course evaluations in GullNet?

For spring 2015, over 40% of our departments are using course evaluations in GullNet:  Appl Health Physiology (AHPH), Art (ART), Athletic Training (ATTR), Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), Communication Arts (CMAT), Conflict Analysis/Dispute (CADR), Dance (DANC), Engineering (ENGR), English (ENGL), Environmental Health Sc (ENVH), Environmental Studies (ENVR), Exercise Science (EXSC), Geography (GEOG), Health (HLTH), Honors Program (HONR), Interdisciplinary Stu (IDIS), Medical Laboratory Sci (MDTC), Music (MUSC), Music Education (MUED), Music Technology (MUMT), Music, Applied (MUSA), Nursing (NURS), Philosophy, Physical Education (PHEC), Physical Education, Prf (PHED), Physics, Psychology (PSYC), Respiratory Therapy (RESP), Social Work (SOWK), Theatre (THEA) and the entire Business School.

  3. Are the evaluations anonymous?

Yes.  When the survey answers are loaded for your instructor, all connections to your student id are broken and the instructor has no way of identifying what particular student provided a survey answer.   Also, your survey answers will not be available for your instructor to see until a week after the end of final exams to be sure that all grades have been posted.

  4. Why can’t I log in to GullNet?

If you try to log in to GullNet and receive a message stating that your username or password is invalid try using the GullNet Forgot My Password page to the left of the log in box. If after doing this you cannot log in contact the I.T. Helpdesk at (410) 677-5454.

  5. How long will it take me to complete the evaluation?

Each department’s evaluation can vary in length. Typically you should expect 25 to 30 questions which will include likert scale responses as well as open ended responses. Each evaluation could take around 10 to 20 minutes.

  6. Can I start the evaluation and finish it at a later time?

Yes, simply click on save answers located at the end of the survey. Your answers will be saved and you can return to the evaluation at a more convenient time.  Remember you must come back to the evaluation and click submit final answers and complete the survey.

  7. How long will I receive email notifications about the course evaluations?

You will receive one email notification daily which will list all of your surveys that are not complete.  Once you complete all surveys, you will no longer receive the email.  To complete a survey you must click submit final answers for that survey.

  8. What if my course is not listed?

Since a course evaluations is connected to the class roster, as long as you are enrolled in the course you will see the evaluation. The only time a course will not be listed is if the department is not using GullNet for evaluations or if a student has withdrawn from the course.

  9. When will my instructor have access to my evaluation?

Your instructor will not see the results of the course evaluation until after final exams have been taken and grades have been posted.  The reports are available 7 days after the last day of the semester.

10. Who sees my course evaluation?

After final exams are over and grades have been posted, the results of the course evaluation are available to the course instructor. Some information will also be available to the Chairperson of the department. The reports are available 7 days after the last day of the semester.

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