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1.   Psych yourself up--be confident!

2.   In the morning:

  • Set an alarm with enough time to get to the exam without worrying, then set it 1/2 to 3/4 hour earlier.
  • Have the proper materials:
    1. 2 pencils and 2 similar pens.
    2. Eraser.
    3. Blue Books (if necessary).
    4. Calculator (if necessary) & spare battery.
    5. Any books or notes that are allowed.
      • a. Put bookmarks at important pages.
      • b. Keep list on inside front cover of pages of important tables, etc.
  • Glance over your notes.
  • Relax on campus immediately before the test, perhaps with the newspaper and a cup of coffee.
  • Avoid conversations about the subject matter--it can throw you off balance.
  • Don't study the last hour before the test.
  • Eat something light to give you energy and to keep your stomach from annoying you as well as others.

3.  Get to the exam room early enough to:

  • Get a good seat.
    1. Blackboard is in view.
    2. Clock is in view.
    3. Light is okay.
    4. Distracting friends are not near you.
  • Glance over your notes one last time (optional -- if anxiety increases, avoid this).
  • Relax for a second before starting. Practice slow, deep breathing.

4.  How to handle test anxiety.

  • It's natural--accept it.
  • Some anxiety is good for motivation.
  • If you have too much anxiety. Take your mind off of self-defeating thoughts. For example:
    • Before the test begins:
      1. Picture your summary notes and rehearse key concepts and terms in your mind's eye.
      2. Think briefly about the relaxed aftermath.
      3. Take several slow deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing your whole body.
    • During the test: (Think about the test items, not about how well you're doing).
    • If anxiety interferes regularly, schedule an appointment with the Counseling and Career Services office for relaxation training.

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