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Commuter Connections is here to assist you throughout your Salisbury University experience. We provide programming, advocacy and resources for all students who are living off-campus and attending SU!

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Commuter Connections Blog

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Greeting Commuters,

INKED hosted “A Day Without Stigma” fair. The fair was designed to encourage students and others to fight the stigma surrounding mental health disorders and treatment. This event helped to promote the Salisbury University Counseling Center, allowing all SU students to gain access to free counseling to help them deal with the pressures of being a college student. It is absolutely vital that college students everywhere understand that feeling stress is normal. Please, never be afraid to reach out for help if ever you feel that the pressures of everyday life are beginning to weigh you down.

Your Commuter Assistant,


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey, Commuters! Check out this article in The Flyer:

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Foot for Thought

Hello commuter friends,

I’d like to say a word or two on footwear. Yes, shoes. And that is to choose wisely, or you will lose your feet. Of course the last bit is an extremity and the chances are rare to none. However, many of you may not realize that the wrong shoes will greatly impact the commute to campus. For those who park farther away from campus like in the Dresser Parking Lot and have quite a haul from the parking garage/space to campus grounds it may not be the worst choice you made today if you wore comfortable shoes.

I must admit that we are extremely lucky to have such a picturesque campus and some days it is an absolute joy to simply enjoy a nice walk. But I must warn you. Once you are on campus grounds you may think oh, no worries Fulton is right there. Let me tell you that Fulton is not right there. Fulton is never right there. And that is where your next haul begins.

Maybe I'm exaggerating but then again, maybe I am not. I have experienced the blistering and aching feet. So I caution you, choose loose and thicker soled shoes--choose the worn out pair over the newer pair. Breaking in new shoes is not smart when you have longer distances to travel. Anything with too big of a heel or too small of a sole will begin to hurt your feet as the day nears to a close. Maybe go nomad style and walk barefoot. No, don't do that.

Smart shoe choices are rubber flips flops, Birkenstocks, Vans, Toms, Moccasins, and Uggs

Not so smart shoe choices,I repeat, are anything with too BIG of a heel or SMALL of a sole!

This is Noor Shahzad cautioning you to take care of you soles, commuters! Tweet us @SUCommuters!


Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, October 01, 2014

GUC Events!

Miss those loud and rambunctious family game nights back home? What about those leisurely comical bingo games you may or may not have been forced to attend with your grandparents? Or maybe the ongoing reruns of Jeopardy have driven you mad.

SU’s very own Guerrieri University Center hosts GUC events: a University-sponsored program with weekly events planned by GUC Event planners Sara Grantham and Christine Cocca. GUC Events has become the melting pot of campus, where our student body comes out to events/activities that they find not only fit their interests, but also to dabble at new things and make new friends.

Some popular events include:

-Cooking Classes (Sushi Rolling and Cake Decorting0

-Ping Pong and Pool Tournaments

-Video Game Tournaments

-Thursday Trivia Nights

-Seasonal Crafts (Pumpkin Decorating)

Activities are both engaging and enriching, keeping students involved on campus as well as helping them develop overall as better problem solvers apt to seek challenges, think creatively and involve in more diversity socially. All GUC Events are held weekly in no place other than the Guerrieri University Center. So come see what the buzz is all about and join in!

Noor Shahzad


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Instagram Competition!!!

Hello Fellow Commuters!

Just a few reminders for ongoing and upcoming events to keep a look out for: for all the photo fanatics out there, the commuter Instagram competition goes until Tuesday, September 30– so capture a view or scene that you love the most during your commute, or snap a quick shot of something you believe to be the best part of being a commuter. There’s a ton to look for! (And believe me when I say “a ton,” as I take a photo every few steps while gallivanting across campus). Post your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #SUCommuter, and we’ll pick a winner based on the individualism, creativity and spirit of the photo. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to the University Bookstore and have their photo featured on SU’s Commuter Connections website! Grab your camera and go!

Also, upcoming is our very first commuter luncheon of the semester on Thursday, September 25 – if you’ve loved the commuter breakfasts so far, or if you have yet to stop by, please join us at the luncheon. There are friends, food and fun! I am so pleased about our turnouts at the “Good Morning, Commuters” breakfasts lately and imagine that you all are getting to know each other greatly! You’d be surprised at how much of an influence these small breakfasts have in giving you a more positive and brighter outlook toward your day. Whether it’s for a minute or an hour, it never hurts to exchange even a friendly smile as you grab your coffee and go. And so, I anticipate that you all will come out to the luncheon as well.

Until then, Happy Commuting!

Noor Shahzad

For more information on all things commuter, please visit We would love to hear from you, so Tweet @SUCommuter and let us hear what YOU have to say!


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