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  • Pick someone with a schedule that is similar to yours
  • Decide if you are going to alternate driving, drive every day
    or ride every day.
  • If it is not a shared driving arrangement, agree on a
    payment schedule.
  • Set up a line of communication. If someone cannot make it
    on a given day, let the each other know in advance or ASAP
  • Establish a time schedule and pick-up points. BE PROMPT.
  • Establish a rule for latecomers. Decide how long the carpool
    will wait for a passenger (usually no more than five minutes).
  • Avoid side trips on the way home.
  • Decide on radio use, smoking policies and other similar
    concerns before you start carpooling.
  • Observe the speed limit. You decrease mileage about 4 percent for every five miles an hour faster you drive on the highway.
  • Accelerate smoothly. Drive at a steady pace.
  • Decelerate early for stops. Braking hard wastes gas, and wears tires and brakes out faster.
  • Do not let your engine idle for more than a minute. It is more efficient (and less polluting) to turn it off and start up
  • Use gasoline octane and oil viscosity recommended by the car manufacturer.
  • Check tire pressure regularly. You use about 2 percent more fuel for every pound per square inch of under inflation.
  • Follow you car’s maintenance schedule faithfully, especially with respect to oil changes