Holloway Hall


Registration for disabled seating at Salisbury University’s Commencement

Available through 11/14/2014

Please expect a confirmation message and email after clicking Submit. If you need further assistance, please email

Disabled Seating Request Form
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Can climb no more than 1-2 steps
Can walk only short distance
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*Please choose ONE of the following seating options:
Floor Section: We have a designated section on the arena floor for guests in wheelchairs or those who are unable to climb steps. Your guest is welcome to sit in this area, in his/her own wheelchair; one additional guest may sit with the disabled guest.
Lower Risers: If your guests can climb 1-2 small steps, they may sit on the first row of the lower risers which surround the stage. One additional guest may sit with the disabled guest.

EARLY ADMISSION: In addition to the seating options, we offer early admission to the Civic Center for disabled guests and their entire party. Doors open for disabled seating fifteen minutes prior to general admission. We allow all family members to enter together so all guests may get general admission seating as close to their disabled family member as possible. Upon arrival at the Civic Center please report to the disabled entrance on the right, next to the Box Office. We highly recommend your group take advantage of this early seating option. Please be sure every guest in your party, regardless of seating, has a ticket for admission to the Civic Center.

  • The Civic Center has 2 wheelchairs that can be used to escort a guest from the entrance to our floor seating area. However, if the guest needs to use a wheelchair for the entire ceremony, he/she must bring his/her own chair.
  • For those of you who will be using wheelchairs to transport guests to the risers, there will be an area that you can “park” your wheelchair until after the ceremony has concluded. Please understand, however, that we are constantly moving during Commencement and cannot be responsible for its safekeeping. We strongly suggest that you tag your wheelchair or label it with your family’s name to avoid confusion.

PARKING: The number of parking spaces designated for the disabled is very limited at the Civic Center. We will allow curbside drop off, but you will have to drop off your passenger and immediately move your vehicle from the area.

FINAL NOTE: Commencement seating is at a premium. If you are not in your reserved seats 15 minutes before the ceremony’s start, your reservation tags will be removed and your seats will be available to the general public.