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The Department of Communication Arts offers a program leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Arts. Each degree program includes tracks of study designed to provide students with a solid liberal arts foundation while preparing them for an eclectic variety of career opportunities.

Students are trained in face to face communication, facilitating decision making and problem-solving in their personal and professional lives. Communication Arts students achieve competency in any of several career fields related to communication, undertaking concentrated study in one of the departments programs. They further study intercultural communication, international media, and organizational communication.

The Department fosters students' abilities to think reasonably and communicate intelligently and creatively. Through its radio and television productions, writing, sponsorship of forums, study abroad programs, practicums and internships, the Department of Communication Arts enriches the quality of community life.

This major is excellent preparation for careers in:

  • radio or television,
  • print or broadcast journalism,
  • sales, training and development, human resources and management
  • public relations

For more information call the Communication Arts Department at 410-543-6229 or visit us in Fulton Hall 261

The major prepares students for graduate work in all areas of speech communication including rhetoric, communication studies and theory, organizational communication, training and development, interpersonal and small group communication, journalism and public relations, media studies, production and law.


Benefit to Student: Communication Arts students acquire the knowledge and experience needed for decision-making and problem-solving in their personal and professional lives. Educational goals for students include:

  • Becoming intellectually aware of the social significance of communication, developing the communication skills necessary for their roles, and being better able to acquire, use and communicate knowledge;
  • Through critical examination, learning to recognize problems of communication and develop skills in solving them;
  • Achieving competency in any of several career fields related to communication;
  • Undertaking concentrated study in one of the department's programs; and
  • Experiencing through the study of intercultural communication, international media, organizational communication and public relations.

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The Major in Communication Arts

As of the Fall 2008 semester the Communication Arts department will implement a revised and reformed major. Under the new major, students must complete 10 courses totaling 40 credits. A minimum of 16 hours must be at the 300-400 level. Students must follow one of the approved curriculum tracks as well as complete a minor from another department.

All Communication Arts majors are required to take core and track courses as specified in one of the following tracks:

[Communication Arts Checklists]

[Courses and Prequisites]

[Four year tentative course schedule]

A sample sequence of courses for students majoring in Communication Arts is available from the department. Students working towards a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Arts should consult regularly with their advisor when developing their individual program plans and selecting courses.

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Transfer Students

Transfer students majoring in Communication must complete 15 semester hours in Communication Arts courses at Salisbury University with a minimum grade of C in each course.

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The Honors Program

Students may elect to complete an honors project at the invitation of the department. Interested students should contact their advisor or the department chairperson.

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