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Communication Arts

Going Global! Communication Arts Study Abroad

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The Communication Arts Department and the The Fulton School of Liberal Arts strongly encourages all of its majors and minors to become global learners in order to better prepare themselves for life, work and citizenship in the global 21st century. Here are two ways to do that:

  1. Area Studies Minors. Each of these programs focuses on a region of the world—Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America or South Asia—via course work from multiple disciplines and perspectives. They also feature a study abroad requirement that may be fulfilled, in most cases, via a Salisbury Abroad Semester Program (highly recommended; see below) or an appropriate SU winter or summer study abroad program (non-SU study abroad programs may be used to fulfill this requirement as well, with prior approval). The ASM also have a modest—102-level—foreign language requirement. For detailed information on these exciting minors and related study abroad opportunities, please visit the Area Studies Minors website.
  2. Salisbury Abroad Semester Programs. These programs allow SU students to spend a semester of study abroad abroad at one of the University's many foreign partner institutions (in, for example, China, Ecuador, England, Estonia, Ghana, Scotland and Spain) for about the same cost as studying on campus at SU. The course work taken on these programs may apply to one's major, an Area Studies Minor, or both. To search for Salisbury Abroad programs around the world that will enhance your SU experience, as well as your life and work thereafter, please visit SU’s Education Abroad Office website.

Here are some sample Communication Arts courses available via one or more of the Salisbury Abroad Semester Programs:

Salisbury Abroad: England

  • Introduction to Media StudiesBBC Building
  • Research in Practice
  • Media, Culture and Representation
  • Global Communication
  • Film Practice and Theory
  • Television: Forms and Meaning
  • Screenwriting and Narrative Theory
  • Crime Fictions
  • European Cinema
  • Theorising Celebrity
  • Asian Cinemas

Salisbury Abroad: Italy – Florence Internship in Communication Arts

  • Introduction to Italian
  • Communication Internship and Research

INDIA: Bollywood and Beyond - Winter Term 2016

Dr. Andrew Sharma

This course will explore India and interpret its culture and communication. Largely, by analysis of the films and related media, we will study how it relates to the culture of India, how it communicates with the masses and how it weaves itself into all cultural aspects of India. 


We will also learn and explore the rich history of India through on site visits to places of cultural and historical significance. Students can explore these facets in general or by choosing their focus of study through specifics of their chosen interest such as Media Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, Media Production, Advertising, Film Studies, Marketing, International Relations, History, etc. For example, a Media or Film studies Studies student can look at India through analysis of their films, a Journalism student can study the culture of India by examining the how newspapers communicate with the masses or PR/Advertising students can study the effects of advertising, a Business or International Relations student can observe the international dimension and how they communicate and weave into the cultural aspects of India, a History student can look at the culture in a historical context, whereas, a TV student may opt to produce a documentary on the media, communication or the cultural aspect. See the website for more detail.

Scotland - Communication, Culture and Identity

Dr. David Burns

The 2016 Communication Arts Program in Scotland runs for two weeks during January semester. Tentative dates for 2016 are January 2-17, 2016. The program is based at Edinburgh Central on Leith Walk in the city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, a city steeped in more than 900 years of battle for autonomy that has made it one of Europe's most diverse ethnic populations and vibrant cultural scenes. Edinburgh is the winner of 10 major Best City awards in the past six years, offering a rich history, modern lifestyle and backdrop for the largest cultural event on the planet -- the Edinburgh International Festival. Edinburgh has been aptly described as a 21st century city of contrasts: ancient castles, cobbled streets and church spires complemented by its contemporary image as a thriving, influential center for finance, business and education. At the city's highest point you can explore a 12th-century castle while sipping Starbucks just a few blocks away. For more informatin about the course go the website.

For more information on how you may incorporate one or more of the international opportunities mentioned above into your Fulton major, please contact the following individuals, as appropriate:

Your Fulton major or minor advisor or department chair (regarding how these opportunities would fit into or supplement your major/minor program)
A specific Area Studies Minor Coordinator (from those listed on the Area Studies Minors website)
Agatay Liszkowska,Associate Director, Center for International Education
Dr. Darrell Newton, Fulton School Associate Dean (for general questions)

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