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Known Issues with TurningPoint

As with most software, there are bugs that occur and need to be updated by the company. Below is a list of the known issues (and possible solutions, if available) with TurningPoint 5.2.1.

Version Issue Solution (if available)
PC When polling a Wager slide, any participants with negative points may find that the scoring is not relative to their wager. It is recommended to not use wager slides with negative point values
PC Charts on PowerPoint slides may not format correctly when toggling quickly from counts to percentages from the PowerPoint Polling showbar.  
PC Launching PowerPoint content from the TurningPoint Dashboard may open a second blank PowerPoint presentation in Office 2013.  
PC Automatic update to new version of software may display an error during the update on some
This error does not affect the actual update and can be ignored.
PC PowerPoint polling showbar remains present when escaping from a presentation prior to the polling chart display or immediately after selecting repoll.  
PC Custom dialog boxes may appear on secondary monitor if one is used.  
PC Deleting a session from a course will result in the unassigned devices still displayed in Results Manager.  
PC TurningPoint may stop working when attempting to print a “Results by Participant” report containing more than 200 participants.  
PC Long numeric answer choices (greater than nine characters) will be displayed in scientific notation on a PowerPoint Polling chart.  
Mac PowerPoint toolbar does not overlay PowerPoint if in Full Screen in OS X 10.7 or 10.8.  
Mac In PowerPoint Polling, escaping from the presentation while the chart is still generating after polling closes may cause an error. To recover from this error, click Continue.
Mac Fractions and symbols in PowerPoint text appear in charts and reports as an underscore. Preventing the software from converting the fraction or symbol, or using the equation editor,
will stop this from occurring