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Clickers Support for Faculty

Clickers Faculty Support

Using Clickers in the Classroom

Request Form and Class Preparation

Turning Technologies Account

TurningPoint Desktop APP

Managing TurningPoint Sessions


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Using Clickers in the Classroom

Salisbury University is utilizing TurningPoint 8 Software from Turning Technologies. TurningPoint software requires all users (instructors and students) to have a Turning Account and link the account to MyClasses. In addition to the Turning Account, students must also purchase and redeem a Turning Account Subscriptions.

Instructors must complete the Clicker Adoption Form to indicate that they will be using Clickers in your classroom for the upcoming semester. The form MUST be completed every semester to ensure the classroom is “clicker ready” and to ensure that students are aware of the required device/subscription as part of the required course materials.

Request Form and Class Preparation

As the course instructor, once you decide to use clickers as part of your instructional tools, you will start by completing the following initial steps before the start of the semester:

  1. Complete the Clicker Adoption Form (usually done the same time you complete the Textbook adoption form)
  2. Verify that your classroom is equipped with a TurningPoint receiver. Check the Classroom Equipment List under the TurningPoint title. If your classroom is not listed, please contact the IT Help Desk.
  3. Optionally, add a statement in your syllabus regarding the use of clickers in your class. You may use/modify one of the two sample statements based on your preference on the use of web-enabled devices as a clicker in your class.
  4. Enable the "Clicker Registration" link in your course in MyClasses.

Turning Technologies Account

Click each tab to view instructions on how to create and manage Turning Technologies account and add and manage courses and rosters (aka Participant List).

Add Courses:
Email Participants:

Creating a Turning Technologies Account:

In order to link your MyClasses account with your Turning Technologies Account you must create your account through the registration link in MyClasses. It is also important that you use your SU email address for the registration process.

  1. Log into MyClasses.
  2. Access your course
  3. Click the "Clicker Registration" link from the left menu.
  4. Enter your SU email address and click Create. The Account Information page will display.
  5. Verify your information and select the box labeled "By checking this, you agree to comply with the End-User License Agreement and Terms of Use".
  6. Click Finish. The TurningPoint Web Dashboard will display.
  7. Close the Quick Start Guide.

Click the Authenticate tab to continue and authorize your Turning Account to access your account in MyClasses.

Authenticating your MyClasses Account:

Authenticating your MyClasses account enables you to sync, update, and/or export your courses.

  1. Under Available Courses click Sign In.
  2. If prompted, Sign in to MyClasses.
  3. Click Authorize.

The TurningPoint Web dashboard opens to your Turning Technologies' account.

Adding and Managing Courses:

From the TurningPoint (TP) Web dashboard, you can add and update your current courses and then access these course rosters (aka Participant Lists) using the TurningPoint Desktop App to run and manage session data.

Adding and Managing Courses in TP Web Dashboard:

  1. Sign into MyClasses and access your course.
  2. Click the “Clicker Registration” link to access your Turning Technologies account. The TurningPoint Web dashboard will display.
  3. Under Available Courses, click “Connect” on each course you want to sync to TurningPoint. The courses will move to Current Courses.

NOTES: [1] Courses must be “Published” to show under “Available Courses” within TurningPoint.
[2] You can use the “Search for Course” text box to quickly locate the course to be connected.

Emailing Participants:

Through the MyClasses integration with Turning Technologies Account you can email participants to remind that they need to create an account, register a license or a device.

  1. Sign into MyClasses and access your course.
  2. Click the “Clicker Registration” link to access your Turning Technologies account. The TurningPoint Web dashboard will display.
  3. Locate the Course in you wish to email students.
  4. Click View.
  5. Click Email Students in the upper right hand corner.
  6. Select desired option(s).
  7. Click Send.

NOTE: The emails will only go out to those who need the option(s) chosen.


  1. Download a printable step-by-step instructions for creating and authenticating Turning Technologies account: Creating and Authenticating Turning Technologies Account.
  2. Download a printable step-by-step instructions for Adding and Managing Courses in TP Web Dashboard

TurningPoint Desktop APP

TurningPoint logoUsing the TurningPoint (TP) desktop app, you can use the PowerPoint Polling feature to run a TurningPoint interactive session with polling questions. Then with a click of a button, you can upload the session results to MyClasses. You can also update the class roster (aka Participant List) from the TP desktop app dashboard.

The TurningPoint (TP) desktop app is installed on all classroom computers. You can install the app on your office and/or personal computers.

Managing TurningPoint Sessions

Enabling Mobile Responses:

If allowed by the course instructor, students can use a web-enabled smart device such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop as a response device (clicker). Instructor will need to provide students with Mobile Responses Session ID for them to participate, answer clicker questions and receive credit. Students must have a Turning Account and Subscription to be able to use their smart device as a clicker.

Download a printable step-by-step instructions for Enabling Mobile Responses.

Running a TurningPoint Session in-class:

  1. Open TurningPoint App and sign in to your Turning Technologies Account.
  2. From the Polling tab, select the course and click PowerPoint polling.
  3. Run and save the session.
  4. Close the polling environment to return to the TurningPoint Desktop Dashboard

Uploading Grades to MyClasses:

Grades can be uploaded to MyClasses directly from the TurningPoint App Dashboard within the Manage tab.

  1. Select the Manage tab.
  2. Select the course.
  3. Click Upload Grades.
  4. Select the grade columns you want to upload and click Upload. The Task Window is displayed.

IMPORTANT: A Turning Technologies Account subscription is mandatory. If a participant does not purchase a subscription, his or her score will show as an asterisk in all TurningPoint Desktop participant reports. Furthermore, his or her score will export as "0" to an Excel workbook and will not be exported to the Gradebook in MyClasses.


  1. Download a printable step-by-step instructions for Running a TurningPoint Session and Uploading Grades to MyClasses.
  2. Download a printable step-by-step instructions for Saving and Importing a TurningPoint Session and then upload to MyClasses.
  3. Download a printable step-by-step instructions for Refreshing Session Data and Upload to MyClasses (Good for Troubleshooting Session Problems).


For instructions on how to use the PowerPoint Polling feature of TurningPoint, you can use the TurningPoint online guide using the links listed below:

  • PowerPoint Polling Content Guide: PowerPoint Polling content is simply a PowerPoint slide with the ability to dynamically display information based on the responses from the participants.
    • Inserting a Polling Slide: Creating content in PowerPoint is similar to the way content was created in previous versions of TurningPoint software.
    • Converting a PowerPoint Slide into a Multiple Choice Polling Slide: An ordinary PowerPoint slide can be converted into a multiple choice polling slide by adding a chart to a slide that is formatted as Title and Text or Title and Content. There can be up to 10 items in the list of answers. The question/title and the list of answers/numbered list must be in two separate boxes in order for the conversion to work properly.
    • Slide Types and Slide Preferences: There are several slide types available for PowerPoint Polling. Each slide type has specific preferences.
    • Preferences: Information on the preferences and settings associated with each polling environment.
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