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Handouts & Video Tutorials

Handouts Icon Please use these PDF handouts and video tutorials as you prepare and deliver your TurningPoint Presentations in the classroom.

Handouts- General
Installing TurningPoint (version 5.3)* Uninstall previous versions first
Creating Polling Slides within PowerPoint
Using Real-Time Registration
Explanation of Slide Types
Converting a Standard PowerPoint Slide into a Polling Slide
Keyboard Shortcuts (helpful for use in the classroom)
Exporting Participant Lists From Classroom Computers
Generating a Session Report
Accessing Old Session Files
Handouts- Blackboard
Exporting Session Information to MyClasses (Grades)
Importing a Participant List from MyClasses-Bb
Handouts- Canvas
Creating A Participant List From GullNet
Video Tutorials
Getting Started with the New Dashboard
Creating a TurningPoint Presentation in PowerPoint
Presenting a TurningPoint PowerPoint
What to Do After You Have Finished Presenting
Creating & Using Comparative Links
Creating & Delivering Competitions
Creating & Using Demographic Slides
Creating Picture Slides
Creating & Using Priority Ranking Slides