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Holloway Hall

Students: About the Clicker

Channel Setting for the ResponseCard RF (Clicker)
1. Press and release the “GO” or "CH" button
2. While the light is flashing red and green, Enter 2 digit channel code(ie. Channel 1 = 01).
3. After the second digit is entered, press and release the “GO” or "CH" button.
4. Press and release the “1/A” button. The light should flash yellow to confirm.

Lost or Stolen Clickers
If a clicker has been stolen, alert Public Safety and complete a Stolen Clicker Form; the Forms are located in the Public Safety.

In order to complete the Form, it will be necessary to know the original 6-character Device ID printed on the back of the clicker. Without that number, no further tracking of a stolen clicker can take place. The Device ID can be used to determine if someone else has re-registered the clicker during the current semester. Please note, any stolen clickers will need to be replaced at the student’s expense although every effort will be made to detect and recover the stolen clicker.

To find the Device ID (if it is not known),
1. Log into GullNet ( http://gullnet.salisbury.edu )
2. Click on:

  • SA Self Service
  • Learner Services
  • Academics
  • Add/Update My Clicker Device

3. If the clicker was registered before it was stolen, the 6-character Device ID will appear
in the field “Clicker Device ID”.