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Refund Policy and Refund Schedule Winter 2018

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Refund Schedule for Regular Session Winter 2018

Salisbury University has partnered with BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank, to disburse all student refunds.

  • Look for the bright green envelope that will be mailed to your home address with a letter of instruction and a personal code.  PLEASE DO NOT THROW AWAY THE LETTER AND THE CODE.
  • You must use the personal code to select a refund disbursement method.
  • Please update your home address in GullNet.

Tuition Refunds

To be eligible for a refund, students must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office or drop classes online through GullNet. (Students who withdraw from all classesGullNet should review their account to ensure all adjustments are correct.)  Dormitory residents must cancel their room reservations at the Office of Housing and Residence Life and remove all personal belongings from their rooms. All students must turn in their I.D. cards to the Gull Card Office. A stop payment of a check, failure to pay your tuition bill, failure to attend class or failure to complete student check-in does not constitute withdrawal from your financial and academic obligations to the University.

The date the withdrawal form is received or the date a course is dropped is the official date for calculation of a refund. The refund table below specifies refund eligibility dates and applicable percentages. Students who withdraw from part of their courses with a grade of "W" during the schedule adjustment period are not eligible for a credit or refund for the dropped course(s). Questions about refunds should be directed only to the Cashiers Office. Appeals for exceptions must be in writing to the Comptroller's Office, Holloway Hall 217.

  • Students who cancel their registration prior to the first day of classes will receive a 100% refund of all tuition, fees, and room and board less the following fees:
    1. Application Fe
    2. Admissions Deposit
    3. Breach of Contract Fee - if a replacement cannot be found for terminated housing contracts.
    4. $10.50 Per Meal Rate - for meals eaten prior to a meal plan being dropped.

Any unpaid charges on a student's financial account will be subtracted from any refund prior to processing a refund request.  Refund checks for tuition and fees are made payable to the student.

For additional information and actual dates as to when the percentage of refunds apply, see the refund schedule below or contact the Cashiers Office at 410-543-6060.

Financial Aid Refunds

When financial aid exceeds the bill resulting in a credit balance, a refund will be generated.  Federal Direct Student Loans, grants, and scholarship refunds are made payable to the student.  Please visit Refunds for more information on refund disbursement methods.

Parent Plus loan refunds will be disbursed based on how the borrowing parent chose to have the refund disbursed, either to the parent or the student.

If a refund disbursement method is not selected, per federal regulations, the refund check will be mailed to the home address on file in GullNet after 21 days.

Any unpaid charges on a student's financial account will be subtracted from any refund prior to processing a refund request.  Should a charge be placed on the account after a refund has been requested, (i.e. additional credits, meal plans, or changes in financial aid) the amount will be due immediately.

Students who receive financial aid can read about the return of Title IV funds policy for financial aid students who withdraw from the University:

Return of Title IV Funds for Financial Aid Students

Refund Schedule

You must officially withdraw from all sessions (courses) within the semester in order to receive a refund. Any questions, please contact the Cashiers Office, 410-543-6060 or

Refund Schedule for Winter 2018

The University is not open on weekends or holidays for the purpose of withdrawal. However, you may access GullNet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Inclusive Date of Drop or Withdrawal Tuition Fees Room
January 3 - 8, 2018 100% 100% 100%
January 9 - 10, 2018 80% None 80%
January 11 - 12, 2018 40% None 60%
January 13, 2018 and after None None None

Students should contact BankMobile Customer Care, 1-877-327-9515, to have lost or stolen checks stopped and reissued.  Parents who have lost or stolen parent plus refund checks should contact the University at to have checks stopped and reissued.

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