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Penalties for Late Payment and Non Payment

Financial Requirements for Registration
Late Fees/Finance Charges
Account Holds
Returned Check/ACH Payments
Referral to Collection Agency

Financial Requirements for Registration

Although the Registrar's Office enrolls students in classes, the student's eligibility to participate in registration can be affected by their financial standing with the University.

All students who register for classes incur a financial obligation to the University.  Returning students may not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester until all financial obligations are settled, including current semester fees, parking violations, library fines, and other miscellaneous charges.  In addition, if the student becomes financially ineligible after completing registration, registration is subject to cancellation unless the account is settled by a prescribed date.

If the student participates in early registration, an electronic bill will be available to view by logging into the student's GullNet account:

Main Menu>Bills/Payments/Pay Plans/Refunds

Payment is due in full by the scheduled due date.  If students register for classes after the tuition bills are generated, payment must be made in full no later than the day following registration.  An electronic bill will generate in July for the Fall semester and in December for the Spring semester.

Late Payment Fees/Fines

If a student participates in early registration, payment in full must be received in the Cashiers Office by the due date or a $75.00 late fee will be assessed.  Electronic bills will generate monthly for charges incurred during the course of the semester, such as parking violations and library fines.  To avoid late fees, please be sure the bill is always paid by the due date.

Note that parking fines and permits are posted to the student's account and should be paid directly to the Cashiers Office.  Library fines are automatically posted to the student's account if not paid at the library within 30 days.

Payments are received and processed by the Cashiers Office daily.  Normally, late payment fees are not cancelled.  However, if there are special circumstances, the Cashiers Office Supervisor or the Accounts Receivable Director will consider cancellation of the penalty fees on an individual basis.  Late fee appeals must be made in writing to either supervisor.

Account Holds

Students with past due balances (including delinquent payment plans) will not be permitted to register for future terms or receive transcripts.  Past due balances include tuition, fees, room, meals, special course fees and other miscellaneous items (e.g., lost library books and fines, parking fines, lost athletic equipment, judicial fines).  If your student account is past due, a Cashiers Hold will be placed on your account.  Accounts that are past due from the original semester due date will be processed for collection.

Returned Check/ACH Payments

Students who have three or more returned check or ACH payments will be required to wait 10 business days after a check is received before a cashier hold will be removed from their student account.  Exceptions to this policy will be made and the cashier hold will be lifted if payment is made via cash, money order, a cashier’s check or credit card.

Referral to Collection Agency

As an agency of the State of Maryland, the University is required by state law to refer delinquent accounts to the State Central Collection Unit (SCCU).  At the time of referral, a minimum collection charge of 17% is added to the balance of the account, plus any additional attorney and/or court costs.  In addition, SCCU is authorized by state and federal law to intercept an individual's state and federal income tax refund to apply toward an outstanding debt.  Also note that the SCCU has the authority to post delinquent accounts to credit bureaus any time after the University refers the account to SCCU.  

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