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Cashiers Office
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General Information

Credit Balance
Balance Due
Financial Aid, Direct Loans, Scholarships and Other Types of Assistance
Expecting a Refund
Student Privacy
Duplicate Bill Requests
Department Contact Information

Credit Balance (Refund is due)

If your account has a credit balance:

  1. Use the personal code to select a refund disbursement method.
  2. Lost, forgot or never had a code? Follow the “I Need a Code” link from
  3. Refund disbursement methods available:
    1. Electronic deposit to your own bank account.

    2. Electronic deposit to the BankMobile Vibe account - you will be opening a bank account with BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank.

  4. Contact the Cashiers office at if you did not receive the personal code.

  5. Refund disbursement methods can be changed at any time.

Bills Reflecting a Balance Due

Types of payment accepted via mail: check and money order. The University does not accept credit card transactions at the Cashiers Office or through the mail.

Types of payment accepted via E-Payment (via GullNet or thru the Ebilling Website):  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, ACH Transfer.

Credit/debit card transactions have a convenience fee of 2.5%.

NOTE:  As a pre-registered student you will only receive ONE bill.  Please indicate any changes on the Bill Correction Form which can be found online. Also, remember that no University Office is responsible for reporting to the Cashiers Office information affecting the amount due.

*You must add or drop courses on GullNet or at the Registrar’s Office.  The Cashiers Office does not report additional or dropped courses to the Registrar’s Office.  Also, OFFICIAL WITHDRAWAL FROM ALL CLASSES CAN BE DONE THROUGH GULLNET.  THE UNIVERSITY IS NOT OPEN ON WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS FOR THE PURPOSE OF WITHDRAWAL.  HOWEVER, YOU MAY ACCESS  GULLNET 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.  A stop payment of a check, failure to pay your tuition bill or failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal from the University. YOU MUST CONTACT THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE.

How to Pay: Payment Accepted/Website/Address/Location Notes:
GULLNET Self Service Log into GullNet.

Go to:  
Main Menu>Payments/Bills/Refunds/Pmt Plans

ACH Electronic Check - no fee

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards - 2.5% convenience fee

By Mail Return top section of bill.  Make checks payable to:  Salisbury University
Mail to:  Salisbury University
             P.O. Box 2195
              Salisbury, MD 21802-2195
Only check and money orders are accepted.
In Person Cashiers Office (Holloway Hall, room 219)
Regular office hours:  8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday through Friday
Summer office hours:  8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday
Only cash, check and money orders are accepted.
Student Account Log into GullNet.  Follow the path:

Main Menu>Bills/Payments/PmtPlans/Refund

To make a payment, view bills and refund disbursements, set up payment plans and authorized users.

Financial Aid, Direct Loans, Scholarships, and Other Types of Assistance

1.  Please check your GullNet To-Do list for any tasks related to Financial Aid.  If there are no To-Do's or they are completed, use the Bill Correction Form and submit no later than the due date of the bill any:

  • Student Loan – Deduct 99% of the gross amount of the loan.
  • Parent Loan – Deduct 97.5% of the gross amount of the loan.
  • Other financial aid expected to be received.

2.  If you fail to return the bill and Bill Correction Form by the due date and financial aid has not been processed and applied to your account, your account will be assessed a late payment fee of $75 monthly until the balance is resolved.

3.  If you submit the Bill Correction Form indicating you are receiving financial aid but it has not been applied to your account by the end of drop/add, you will be assessed a late payment of $75 monthly until balance is resolved.  Please check your GullNet account regularly and follow up with the Financial Aid Office if you believe you have completed all requirements but financial aid is not posted to your account.

Expecting a Refund?

If your account has a credit balance:

        1.  Use the personal code to select a refund disbursement method.

        2.  Refund disbursement methods available:

  • Electronic deposit to your own bank account.
  • Electronic deposit to a BankMobile Vibe account - you will be opening a bank account with BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank.

        3.  Contact the Cashiers office at if you did not receive the personal code.

        4.  Refund disbursement methods can be changed at any time.

Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student records.  By federal law, we are not allowed to release billing information to anyone other than the student (this includes parents).

Duplicate Bill Requests

Students may want copies of their bills to go to more than one person (due to having more than one person contributing to their payments).  Students can invite, via email, any persons they want to grant access to their student account information, called authorized users.  Authorized users will follow the instructions in the email to set up their own sign on to view student account, bills, payment plans, and to make payments.  Students can also print their bill from the student account for the purpose of requesting reimbursement from employers.

Telephone/Email/FAX Numbers

Financial Aid:
Billing/Cashiers Office:
Fax:  (410) 548-2851


SU email is our official means of communication. Please check your Salisbury University email account regularly for updates and other important billing information.  New and changed policies will be emailed to you via your GULLS.SALISBURY.EDU account.

GullNet and GullCard are two (2) different systems.  If you pay by check or money order, a separate check/money order must be submitted for GullCard payments.

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