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Starting May 1, 2014, SU will generate electronic bills for all students.  Students will no longer receive a paper bill.

To View Electronic Bills

Log into GullNet with your username and password.

Main Menu>Bills/Payments/PayPlans/Refunds

Your Bills:  View All

Parents/Authorized User

To view electronic bills, copy and paste the following link in your browser address bar:


Enter your user name and password.  You will be directed to the student account

Bills: View All

Authorized Users

Students can invite anyone to have access to their student account (make payments, view electronic bills, tuition payment plans, email notifications, and text messages).

Instructions on to invite your parent or other persons as authorized users:

Sign into GullNet.  Then follow:

Main Menu>Bills/Payments/PayPlans/Refund

Under "Authorized Users" select "Add New" and fill out the information requested.

The authorized user will receive an email with a temporary password and link.

Users should copy and paste the following link in the browser address bar and add to favorites:


Authorized users will click the link and enter their user name and temporary password, then create a new password and security question.  Once completed, users will be directed to the student account.

Authorized user log in and password problems, the student will have to reset your password. Students will go to their GullNet > Main Menu > Bills/Payments/PayPlans/Refunds and follow the link to their student account page.

At lower left side under Authorized User, select the Authorized User you want to Edit (this is the username they will need to use when logging in); select edit > the user name and email address will appear, at the bottom is a reset password button. Select reset the password, a temporary password will be sent to the email address listed. Authorized Users should copy and paste the log in link in the browser address bar and add to favorites:

Once at the login page, enter your user name and temporary password and change your password.