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Marketing Your Club and Organizational Experience on Your Resume

Skill Development

Being a member of a club enriches the academic experience and provides a way to showcase skills and abilities. Too often being a member of an organization is ignored by students, who then miss an opportunity to demonstrate examples of their skills and abilities. Many employers are interested in knowing how candidates developed and used their professional skills and abilities. Being a member of an organization is an excellent way to highlight these. Think about incorporating the following qualities into your resume:

  • Interpersonal/Diversity: How well you relate to others and are willing to share your time and energy. Employers are constantly searching for employees who bring a diverse background and have experiential learning beyond the classroom.
  • Teamwork: This is one of most universal qualities employers seek. Being able to work as part of an organization demonstrates adaptability, organization, and the ability to collaborate with others.
  • Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills are an absolute must today. Participating in an organization requires the ability to effectively communicate with fellow members within both organized and casual settings.

On the Resume

Student organizations promote leadership, diversity, critical thinking, creativity, social interaction, and community —all desirable traits. These experiences can be listed under “Extra Curricular”, “Clubs & Activities” or under any of the skill categories. By utilizing examples to elaborate on any of the following characteristics, you increase your attractiveness as a future employee.

  • Problem solving: Learning specific tactics and strategies for working more effectively
  • Leadership: Influencing the behavior or activity of another person towards the accomplishment of a goal.


Being part of an organization provides opportunities to utilize colleagues and club advisor who can provide insight and knowledge about your personality and commitment.

Action Verbs

Adapted, assembled, collaborated, defined, directed, enabled, encouraged, facilitated, guided, increased, informed, mediated, organized, participated, prepared, presented, promoted, publicized, recorded, realized, represented

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