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Spanish Interview Questions

Below are sample interview questions for your field. In preparing for your interview, you should also review typicalSpanish interview questions asked of all majors, thoroughly research the organization, dress professionally, and visit the interviewing skills section of the SU Career Center’s website. You can practice your interview skills online via Quinncia or schedule a mock interview with a Career Center staff member.

Below are sample Spanish interview questions:

-If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be...
-What does success mean to you?
-What does failure mean to you?
-Are you an organized person?
-In what ways are you organized and disorganized?
-Do you manage your time well?
-How do you handle change?
-How do you make important decisions?
-Do you work well under pressure?
-What role does grammar correction play in your classroom?
-A large number of students are using their mobile phones in class, what would you do?
-What is your opinion about grammatical accuracy vs. fluency?
-Describe a typical day in your classroom
-How did you learn another language?
-How do you maintain and increase your own language proficiency?
-Should students with learning disabilities be included in world language classes?
-How do you include students with disabilities in your classroom?
-Describe your preferred system of classroom management.
-What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
-What do you like about our school?
-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
-Do you have a certain area of specialization or do you work on generic translation projects of many types?
-Do you hold any translation certifications?
-What kind of training do you partake in to continue to improve your skills?
-Have you trained in particular fields relevant to interpreting work (eg, medical, legal, social work, education)
-What types of clients do you typically work with?
-Would you ever want to work on your own and start your own freelance translation business or translation agency?
-Why did you decide to become an interpreter?
-Share an experience in which you translated or explained difficult information and the use of it.
-Tell me how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.
-Give me an example of when you thought outside of the box. How did it help your employer?
-Please share an experience in which you successfully taught a difficult principle or concept. How were you able to be successful?
-Share a time when your literacy skills helped you in the work place.
-How would you rate your writing skills? (Ask for an example that demonstrates great writing skills.)
-Provide an experience in which you were sensitive to someone's needs or feelings. How did your helpfulness affect your work environment?

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