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Salary Information

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Below are various links to salary information and salary comparisions.  These links are useful when researching salaries and comparing salary information.

Salary Information: (How much should you be paid and where to go to find that information)

Salary Calculators: (Use them to determine what you make in one cite or state and how that translates to another city or state)

Negotiating Salaries: (If you feel you are worth more money what do you do?)

If you are asked, "how much do you want"? Hopefully you have done your homework.
* Find the going rate for their chosen profession on the BLS/Occupational Outlook Handbook-(OOH) or America's Career InfoNet website.
* Know the going rate for the profession in the geographic area. (
* If you have experience, you have more bargaining power.
* Give the employer a "range" to work with. i.e. Mid 40's to low 50's.
* You should have a bottom-line number you are willing to work for.
Remember that entry level salary's are usually lower than expected, so you should be prepared for that reality.

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