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Video Interviewing Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions:
What are SKYPE or Video interviews?
Where are they held?
Why are they used?
What should I bring to the interview?
How should I dress?
How are the interviews arranged?
How do I sign-up for an interview?

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Roger Smith spent a sleepless night before reaching the local office of a large banking company. Quite nervous at the thought of taking a videoconference interview for a position in operations, there was nobody he could turn to for tips. His friends had bunch of advice for face-to-face interviews, but they had little help to offer on virtual format. And the very thought of the situation intimidated Roger.

With more and more companies opting for virtual interviews, by phone, conference call or videoconference, rather than the traditional face-to-face ones, there may be many like Roger biting their thumbs. Here are a few steps to keep in mind to help clinch the deal.

What to do?

Time it right

Arrive at the videoconference site with enough time in hand to get comfortable with the equipment and ensure that everything is working properly. You should be primed and ready to go when your interviewer joins the conference. Don't bother too much about what can go wrong, be positive. That should help you perform better.

Appearance counts

Appearance matters here just as much as in any regular interview. Just because you are not meeting your potential employer face-to-face does not mean you can afford to dress sloppy. Instead, dress professionally. Avoid bright colors and glittery jewellery that catch the light and distracts the interviewer. Sit smart and relaxed through the interview. That says a lot about your comfort with technology.

Practice the technique

Speak slowly and clearly in well modulated voice. Avoid excessive movements and look straight into the monitor to make eye contact with your interviewer. Keep in mind that in an interview like this, there will be a delay in receiving the audio and the video.

Mind your language

End your interview with a smile and ensure that your videoconference equipment is completely switched off before making any comments about the interview. Don't let an indiscreet comment or gesture spoil the entire process for you.

Send a thanks note

Like in any other interview, send a thank you note, thanking your potential employers for their time and outlining your interest in the company. Politeness always helps!


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