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Res Life Presentation!

  • Katie Sapienza
    Housing and Residence Life
    Dogwood Village Resident Director
    -Go over our services
    -Marketing the RA job
  • 70 RAs. They range from sophomores to seniors
  • Thursday, August 18th, at 11:30 am in Henson 243

  Go over our services-click here for website

  Click here to go over our website


  Skills employers look for:

Communication ability to communicate orally, in writing or via electronic means in a manner appropriate to the audience.
Teamwork being a constructive team member, contributing practically to the success of the team.
Leadership being able to motivate and encourage others, while taking the lead.
Initiative ability to see opportunities, to set and achieve goals.
Problem Solving thinking things through in a logical way in order to determine key issues. Creative thinking is useful also.
Flexibility/Adaptability ability to handle change and adapt to new situations.
Self-Awareness knowing your strengths and skills and having the confidence to put these across.
Commitment/Motivation having energy and enthusiasm in pursuing projects.
Interpersonal Skills ability to relate well to others and to establish good working relationships.
Numeracy competence and understanding of numerical data, statistics and graphs.

  View the following resumes that have RA experience on them

RA1, RA2, RA3, RA4, RA5

  Now that you are experts, tell me the good resumes from the bad
1. Resume.
2. Resume
3. Resume.
4. Resume.
5. Resume
6. Resume.
7. Resume
8. Resume
9. Resume.
10. Resume.
11. Resume.
12. Resume.
13. Resume.
14. Resume.


















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