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On-Campus Jobs

Career Connection's comprehensive software gives students the opportunity to effectively search full and part-time employment, Career Connectionsinternships, on-campus jobs and on-campus interviews, job fairs, and more. Click here to enter Career Connections and view the on-campus jobs. Instructions concerning how to search on-campus jobs are below.

All employers (both on-campus and off) are required to complete the U.S. Government “Form I-9” before adding new employees to payroll.  Successful completion of this form requires certain forms of identification.  Please visit this link to understand what forms of identification must be presented to your employer:   If you do not have your I-9 Identification, the employer is not allowed to hire you / place you on payroll.

To Search On-Campus Jobs:

  1. We have a web-based system/database called "Career Connections" where you can easily view the on-campus jobs available at SU.
  2. You login to Career Connections by clicking here-Your username is the verbiage prior to the @ sign in your school email.  After entering your username, click on the "Forgot Password" to have your randomly assigned password sent to you via your school email.
  3. After you have logged in, go to the blue menu bar at the top of the page and click on "Jobs and Interview Schedules." 
  4. You will then arrive at a page that has a "Position Types" drop-down selection.  Select the "On-Campus Jobs" option from that drop-down.
  5. Then click on the "Search" button.  You will see all of the on-campus jobs that are available.

Find On-Campus Job Opportunities by Networking

Professional networking is one of the most important skills you need to develop.  Canvassing the campus and visiting departments to inquire about student employment opportunities is a great way to develop those skills.  For example, if you are certified as a lifeguard and want to work as a lifeguard at the MAGGS Pool, stop by the pool when it is open and ask if the Aquatics Director if they are hiring.

The following departments typically hire students.  They may or may not have jobs available, but you should check with them if you are interested:





Dining Services Commons Building (CB), Room 101 410-543-6105
Catering Commons Building (CB), Room 208 410-543-6105
Information Desk Guerrieri Student Union (GSU), Room 233 410-543-6006
Post Office Commons Building (CB) – ground floor near the bookstore 410 546-6903
Campus Recreation Maggs PAC, Room 146 410-543-6350 wdgorrow@
Housing and Residential Life 122 Sea Gull Square (SG) 410-543-6040
Academic Commons
Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons First Floor 410-543-6130

Information you Should Have Available Prior to Interviewing for an On-Campus Job:

Some departments might ask for a resume.  We provide a sample below.  You should also have your course schedule available when you apply so you can provide the hours you are able to work.  There may be openings but the open shifts might not work with your class schedule, so having this information readily available can save you time. 

Students need to bring the documentation required for the successful completion of Form I-9. Click here to view the Human Resources Office student website.  In the past, new students have not been able to get on to the University’s payroll quickly and easily because the students did not bring the proper I9 documentation with them to campus.  This caused headaches and delays.  If your son or daughter is seeking employment when they arrive here in late August, then they must have certain documents with them when they move to campus” and HR will provide the list of acceptable documents. 

Need help applying or writing your resume?  See sample resume below or call Career Services at 1. 410. 543. 6075!

Sam C. Gull

1234 Your Street
Your Town, Maryland 21801 1.410.555.1212

Bachelor of Science                                                                        Expected May 20XX
Double Major: Accounting and Information Systems
GPA: 3.35/4.0 scale (try to list to 2 decimal places, example: 3.45 as opposed to 3.5)
The Franklin P. Perdue School of Business
Salisbury University - Salisbury, Maryland
• Balance academic coursework with part-time student employment

Title Goes Here                                                                                20XX – Present
Name of employer goes here – City, State
♦   Bullet points using action verbs (in present tense if currently employed, past tense if not employed
♦   You want at least 2-3 bullet points but no more than 5
♦   You want to list any accomplishments or recognition
♦   Career Services should review your bullet points before you start sending out your resume

Title Goes Here                                                                                 20XX - Present
Name of next employer here - City, State
♦    Same rules apply
♦    Do not list high school jobs unless they are the only jobs/experiences you have

Your role or title here                                                                         20XX - Present
Name of student club or organization here - Salisbury University
♦    Employers look for impact- don’t list clubs or activities where you just show up for meetings – you will be asked interview questions so use this space to highlight organizations where you made an impact or served in a leadership role

Your role or title here                                                                         20XX- Present
Name of Student Activity - Salisbury University
♦   You can describe your role – remember, employers look for impact so don’t list a club where you are merely a member and just show up to a meeting or two
♦   Remember, career services is here to help you write these bullets so schedule a resume review

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel


Need vs. Non-Need Based On-Campus Jobs:

Need-based on-campus jobs are all distributed by the Financial Aid Office and are based on the federal FAFSA form which determines need.  This section does not explain on-campus student employment under the Federal Work-Study program.  For more information on that program, please visit the Financial Aid website at:

Non-need based on-campus jobs do not require a FAFSA form and there is no affiliation with the financial aid office.  Any active SU student can apply for a non-need based on-campus job.  Most of the on-campus jobs posted are non-need based.

Need help or have questions about this page? Please visit our Ask a Question or Report a Problem page.
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