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Tips for Success at SU's Job Fair

Tip 1: Preparing for the Fair

  • Obtain a list from Career Services of organizations attending the Fair.
  • Participate in Interviewing Workshop and review standard interviewing questions.
  • Plan exactly what professional attire you will wear.
  • Gather essential items to take to the fair: portfolio with notepad and pen, and more than enough copies of your resume.

Helpful Hint: Keep yourself and your materials neat and streamlined; don’t overload yourself with too much to carry.

Tip 2: Arriving at the Fair

  • Check in at the registration/information table to obtain name tags (employers love them!)
  • Orient yourself to the facility by ascertaining organization locations.
  • Review the information which you have received and organize and prioritize a list of organizations which you plan to visit. Develop a plan.
  • Check your appearance, organize all of your materials, approach the first interviewer.

Helpful Hint: If the interview line seems too long, it may be more efficient to select another organization.

Tip 3: Approaching the Interviewer

  • As you approach, respect other people’s privacy as they complete their interviews.
  • As you approach the interviewer, establish eye contact, present a firm handshake, introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in their organization.
  • Conduct yourself professionally at all times, remembering you are on stage even as you stand in line or move about the job fair.

Helpful Hint: Avoid being one of the candidates who offers a limp handshake and waits to be grilled; be confident and be proactive.

Tip 4: Interviewing for a Position

  • Know what you are looking for, what you have to offer, and what questions you will ask.
  • Listen carefully and take conversational cues from the interviewer.
  • Use transition statements to share information about yourself that the interviewer may not have addressed (e.g., A. That’s interesting, I had an experience which relates... or B. May I tell you about..).
  • Respond truthfully, while always painting a positive picture of yourself (e.g., A. I have not yet had an opportunity to..., but in a similar situation, I...).
  • Ask for information and application materials and the interviewer’s business card.
  • Ask about the hiring process, its time lines, and determine actual and potential openings.
  • At the end of the interaction, offer a firm handshake and express your appreciation, using the interviewer’s name.
  • Walk away with confidence, remembering that you are still on stage.

Helpful Hints: Immediately following the interview, go to a quiet area and make notes on topics of conversation, contact names and follow-up procedures.

Tip 5: Following up after the Fair

  • Write thank you letters, addressed to the specific interviewers (include typed application materials if you have them).
  • Check with Career Services to see what employers are recruiting on campus and sign-up.
  • Within ten days, make telephone calls to determine if the organizations have received your application materials, to check on the status of the vacant positions, and to express your continued interest.

Helpful Hint: Keep accurate records of your contacts, including dates of your letters or telephone calls, and copies of all application materials which you send. 

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