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How To Approach a Job Fair


• Prepare several copies of your resume
• Research companies ahead of time
• Explore career opportunities as they relate to your major
• Create a list of appropriate questions to ask employers
• Review and organize materials in a portfolio/briefcase/notebook
• Make sure you have appropriate clothes to wear.  Click here to view dress.


BEFORE you begin to speak with employers, allow 15-20 minutes to:
• Review the confirmed employers and floor plan
• Determine which organizations are seeking your major and skill sets.
• Develop a priority system to determine which employers you are interested in speaking with (MUST SEE, WOULD LIKE TO SEE, IF TIME PERMITS)


Develop a 30 Second Commercial to introduce and promote yourself to the employer. This commercial should introduce YOU to the employer and give him/her an understanding of who you are, what skills you have to offer and why you are suitable for employment with his/her company. Below are topics you can use in your introduction:

Special Skills

Mention any skills that would make you stand out.
Choose three or four strengths to highlight. Give examples
Discuss your major, relevancy to company, and graduation date
Work Experience
Talk about your related work experience.
Closing Statement
State one solid reason why you are a good fit.

How to Pitch Your Commercial:
♦ Emphasis on key words
♦ Slow down when making a key point
♦ Smile when you give the pitch
♦ Demonstrate enthusiasm
♦ Practice, practice, practice!

“Hello.  I am Marcus James, a senior at Salisbury University, majoring in CMAT Mass Media.  I have completed two internships with Telecom Corporation and Com-Tele Corporation while maintaining a 3.5 grade point average.  I was also president of the Telecommunications Association and an active member of the National Leadership Council.  I visited your company’s website and have reviewed your company’s profile.  I am very interested in job opportunities with you—particularly entry-level openings working on your Millennium Project.  I’d love to hear your assessment of my skills and work experience and where you feel I would be a good fit within your company.”


Those Who Have:
button Communication Skills
One who has the ability to exhibit their strong communication skills and articulate their career goals
button Strong Resume
Possessing a flawless resume that clearly reflects your skillset, accomplishments and potential.  
button Knowledgeable about Company/Industry
Familiarize yourself with the company.  Understand their mission, present performance and new developments/initiatives.
button Professional Attire
Your professional image is very important in your career search. A polished confident appearance helps introduce you as focused and qualified.
button Personality
Ask thought-provoking questions to show your interest and enthusiasm for the company.  Let your personality shine through!


button Dress Professionally-Click here to view professional attire for a job fair.

button Demonstrate patience!  The lines might be daunting but don't fail to maximize this opportunity. Talk to every company that fits your experience and ambitions. If you meet with 20 recruiters, at the end of the day you will have 20 new contacts!

button Firm Handshake
• Extend your hand, say "hello" and state your name
• Hold the handshake for 2 to 3 seconds making a slight up and down pumping motion
• Smile and make eye contact as you shake hands


Be Professional
button Be professional and courteous at all times.
button Avoid distracting mannerisms (flipping hair, rolling eyes, distasteful facial expressions, etc.) .
button Be assertive (not aggressive) with employers.
button Show energy and enthusiasm!

Take Notes
button The representative at the fair may not be able to answer all of your questions or know specifics about your job interests.
button Ask for names, telephone numbers, etc. of other staff in the organization whom you can contact later.
button Be sure to record follow up steps and keep points discussed in your conversation.

Request Business Cards
button Provides you a direct contact with the organization, including the proper spelling of the representative’s name, direct phone line, etc.
button You can send a brief thank-you note (or email) acknowledging the information they provided and thanking them for their time.
button You can follow-up regarding the status of your application.

button Little to no job offers are made at fairs.  Keep in mind that the career fair is an opportunity for employers to meet and assess candidates for future employment.

Respecting Employer’ Give-a-Ways
button Always check with employers before taking materials from their tables.

Be Courteous
button In addition to representing yourself, you are also representing your university.  Make a good impression.

Be Brief
button Demonstrate sensitivity to other students waiting to speak with employers by keeping your questions brief and offering to continue your conversation at a later time.

Close the Conversation
button Thank the employer for his/her time.  Tell him/her that you look forward to speaking with him/her soon!
button Be sure to ask questions that will help you in the follow-up process.
button Request a business card.

FOLLOW-UP:Follow up

After the Fair
• Take a few moments after speaking with employers to jot down notes about your conversation.
• Be sure to have a business card or contact information from each employer that you spoke with at the fair.

Follow-up with a thank you note or email that shows employers you are serious, professional and enthusiastic about the position.
♦ Thank the employer for their time.
♦ Mention the name of the fair where you met.
♦ Reiterate your strengths and interest in the company.  Refer to the notes you took about your conversation.
♦ Ask for an interview.

Example Thank You Note:
February 16, 20XX

Dear Mr. Moon:

Thank you for speaking with me at the Salisbury Universities' Career Fair held at Salisbury University on February 15, 20XX. I found our conversation about the opportunities at the National Security Agency quite interesting and informative.

Thank you for sending me an application for employment with your agency with the letter stating that I had passed the Professional Qualification Test held last fall. I am still very interested in a position as a Database Administrator with your agency.

I would be very excited to have an opportunity for a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications.  I look forward to hearing from you.  You may contact me at (410) 555-1212 or
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith


-Click here for professional dress
-Click here for networking information
-Click here to learn about upcoming job fairs
-Click here to view pictures of past job fairs


We thank you for attending the SU Career/Job/Internship Fair and wish you much success.

Please notify SU Career Services if you receive a job offer as a result of this fair.

Happy Networking!

From the SU Career Services Staff!

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