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Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

It's your turn! As the interview comes to a close, one of the final questions you may be asked is "What can I answerinterview questions for you?" Have questions of your own ready to ask. You aren't simply trying to get this job - you are also interviewing the employer to assess whether this company and the position are a good fit for you.

  • How would you describe the responsibilities of the position?
  • How would you describe a typical week/day in this position?
  • Is this a new position?
  • What is the company's management style?
  • Who does this position report to?
  • If I am offered the position, can I meet him/her?
  • How many people work in this office/department?
  • How much travel is expected?
  • Is relocation a possibility?
  • What is the typical workweek?
  • What are the prospects for growth and advancement?
  • How does one advance in the company?
  • What do you like about working here?
  • What don't you like about working here and what would you change?
  • Would you like a list of references?
  • If I were extended a job offer, how soon would you like me to start?
  • What can I tell you about my qualifications?
  • Are there any other questions I can answer for you?
  • What are the biggest challenges the person in this position will face?
  • What would a successful first year in the position look like?
  • How will the success of the person in this position be measured?
  • How long did the previous person in the role hold the position? What has turnover in the role generally been like?
  • How would you describe the culture here? What type of people tend to really thrive, and what type don't do as well?
  • How would you describe your management style?
  • Thinking back to the person who you've seen do this job best, what made their performance so outstanding?
  • What is your time line for getting back to candidates about the next steps?
  • Are there any reservations you have about my fit for the position that I could try to address?
  • Who do you think would be the ideal candidate for this position, and how do I compare?
  • How has this position evolved?
  • Who do you consider your major competitors? How are you better?
  • Beyond the hard skills required to successfully perform this job, what soft skills would serve the company and position best?
  • Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?
  • Can you give me example of how I would collaborate with my manager?
  • Can you tell me what steps need to be completed before your company can generate an offer?
  • How would you score the company on living up to its core values? What’s the one thing you’re working to improve on?
  • What are the challenges of this position?
  • What have past employees done to succeed in this position?
  • If you were to hire me, what might I expect in a typical day?
  • Where do you see the company in three years and how would the person in this role contribute to this vision?
  • How do you evaluate success here?
  • When your staff comes to you with conflicts, how do you respond?

Interview Questions NOT to Ask

  • What does this company do? (Do your research ahead of time!)
  • If I get the job when can I take time off for vacation? (Wait until you get the offer to mention prior commitments)
  • Can I change my schedule if I get the job? (If you need to figure out the logistics of getting to work don't mention it now...)
  • Can I do the job from home? (this shows you may not like working with others and it is much too bold if there was nothing in the job description eluding to this option)
  • When is vacation? (this should not be a priority at this time)
  • What is the salary? (wait until you are offered the position)
  • Did I get the job? (Don't be impatient. They'll let you know.)
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